AndaSeat Becomes Official Sponsor of PUBG Global Championship 2023

By | November 21, 2023
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AndaSeat, a renowned innovator in gaming chair technology, has become the official sponsor of the PUBG Global Championship 2023. The event, spanning from November 18 to December 3, 2023, is not only a competitive esports showcase but also a testament to AndaSeat’s unwavering dedication to the gaming community and its customers.

Elevating the Gaming Experience: A Commitment Beyond Sponsorship

At the heart of AndaSeat’s involvement in the PGC 2023 is a deep-seated commitment to the gaming community. The company’s provision of cutting-edge gaming chairs for this prestigious event symbolises a new benchmark in comfort and ergonomic design within the esports world. These chairs, tailored to the unique demands of professional gamers, offer unmatched support and resilience, essential for enduring the rigors of intense gaming battles.

Integral to AndaSeat’s philosophy is a user-centric design approach. Features such as adjustable lumbar support and customisable armrests, derived from direct community feedback, ensure players maintain perfect posture and comfort. This focus on ergonomic excellence aids in enhancing concentration and performance during the championship’s crucial moments.

Introducing the Kaiser 3 Series: Ergonomic Prowess Meets Rugged Design

The Kaiser 3 Series, AndaSeat’s latest offering, is a beacon of ergonomic innovation, crafted for the elite gamer. Its hallmark features include 4D armrests, plush high-density foam padding and premium PVC leather. The series offers extraordinary comfort, which is critical for extended gaming sessions. Its adaptability, showcased through features like a 165° recline, a rocking function and a 90-165° tilt mechanism, allows gamers to discover their ideal seating position for optimal performance.

Built on a robust steel frame and a 5-star aluminium base, the Kaiser 3 Series can support up to 180kg, accommodating a diverse user base. The chair’s smooth and stable movement, provided by 65mm PU-covered wheels and a 60mm class 4 hydraulic piston, is crucial for both high-stakes gaming and daily use.

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