Another Wheel of Fortune Slots Jackpot!

By | November 3, 2021

Yes, it has happened again! Yet another Wheel of Fortune slots jackpot has hit, making yet another player that much richer for their experience! This time, the lucky spin came in Mississippi!

The big win took place at the Silver Star Casino, located at the Pearl River Resort. If you don’t know where that is, just look up the small town of Philadelphia, Mississippi, which is just less than a two hour drive northeast of Jackson.

The player won over $1.1 million on the game, and took that money with him back across the border to Alabama. He was identified by first name only, “Dane”, but we’re certain the IRS has all his information!

The specific version of the game for this most recent Wheel of Fortune slots jackpot was not named. All that was said was that the slot was a 3-wheel, progressive machine. You can find news about other Wheel of Fortune wins, including jackpots from June and the $3.9 million in jackpots for August, right here on this website!

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