AptPay and NRT Technology Launch Instant Payout Service for Casino & Gaming Industry

By | October 5, 2021


Payment processor AptPay has partnered with NRT Technology and Mastercard to enable casinos and online gaming sites to instantly disburse winnings into a bank account, prepaid card, or mobile wallet for guests and players.

This service, called smartSEND, will be available to all land-based and online casinos in North America via NRT Technology and will be launched at the Global Gaming Expo on October 5. The solution uses Mastercard Send, a global push payments platform that enables funds to be sent securely and in near real-time into any payment card or account.

“In an ever-evolving payment ecosystem the end goal has always been to make payments faster and more secure, AptPay has been able to do both with our direct connection to the networks. We have combined the approach of a Fintech and a Regtech, where compliance is key in protecting both consumers and businesses alike. With the AptPay solution, not only do we provide real-time disbursements, but we also rigorously monitor transactions and keep bad actors out of the flow. The key difference between our system and that of traditional disbursements is that our service is available 24/7/365 including evening and weekends,” Suganthan Vishnu Krisnarajah, President of AptPay, said.

“This is one of several key strategic initiatives for NRT. Expanding our payments eco-system is front of mind as we work to continually improve the guest experience revolving around payments and information intelligence. Our smartSEND solution is integrated into various casino touchpoints within the customer journey and removes the friction traditionally associated with paying out winnings by enabling instant and easy payouts,” Michael Dominelli, President of NRT, said.

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