Ari Stiegler’s Flux Capital Completes Fundraising Round for Mobile Gaming Monetization Company Triumph Labs

By | January 7, 2022

Flux Capital led a multimillion-dollar fundraising round to revolutionize fast-casual gaming monetization.

Flux Capital Managing Partner Ari Stiegler announced this week that his firm completed a $2 million round of financing for Triumph Labs. This company enables app developers to monetize fast casual games through real cash competitions. Flux Capital, which prioritizes strategic investments in winner-take all-markets, led two rounds over a series of 5 months.

“Flux Capital is proud to have led Triumph Labs’s latest financing round,” said Stiegler. “Triumph’s API is the perfect model for bringing integrated monetization to the nearly one million fast casual games in the iPhone ecosystem. Triumph’s proven approach to monetization and dedication to fairness has positioned it as a leader in this burgeoning market, and we look forward to working with its team to expand its offerings to new gaming verticals and consoles.”

Founded by Jake Brooks and Jared Geller, Triumph Labs brings a high-quality integration of real cash competitions into players’ favorite fast-casual mobile games. Its novel API, designed to replace or augment existing monetization channels, allows players to securely wager funds on the outcomes of thousands of mobile games. Triumph’s software provides anti-cheating mechanisms, fair matchmaking services, and seamless tournament infrastructures to create a safe environment for all players.

Triumph’s API can be integrated into mobile apps in as little as an hour and drive up to 10-times greater gameplay monetization for developers. Its SDK handles tournament hosting, matchmaking, payment, arbitration, and compliance with no additional configuration. Triumph’s product complies with local and federal gambling regulations as a skill-based gaming platform.

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