Aspire Global: Interim Report Second Quarter 2021

By | August 19, 2021
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  • Revenues increased by 27.7% to €55.8 million (43.7).
  • EBITDA increased by 40.1% to €9.9 million (7.1).
  • The EBITDA margin increased to 17.7% (16.1%).
  • EBIT increased by 37.5% to €7.8 million (5.7).
  • Earnings after tax increased 53.7% to €6.9 million (4.5).
  • Earnings per share increased 56% to €0.14 (0.09).


  • Revenues increased by 34.2% to €103.9 million (77.4).
  • EBITDA increased by 50.3% to €18.4 million (12.3).
  • The EBITDA margin increased to 17.8% (15.8%).
  • EBIT increased by 49.3% to €14.3 million (9.6).
  • Earnings after tax increased 84.9% to €13.0 million (7.0).
  • Earnings per share increased 93% to €0.27 (0.14).


  • Revenues increased 27.7% from Q2 2020 driven by strong development in all segments and the acquisition of BtoBet, a leading sportsbook provider, in September 2020.
  • Organic growth of 21.6% from Q2 2020.
  • B2B revenues grew 24.4% from Q2 2020 with organic growth of 16.2%.
  • Significant progress in sub-segments Aggregation and Games – Pariplay and Sports – BtoBet.
  • Good progress in the US with deals covering game aggregation and proprietary games.
  • Platform and managed services deal with Ireland’s biggest land-based casino group.
  • Three deals covering Aspire Global’s complete offering for the launch of new brands in Europe and Latin America.
  • First brand live with BtoBet’s sportsbook on Aspire Global’s platform.
  • New license for games in Greece. Aspire Global now operates in 30 regulated markets.
  • Sports deals signed with, among all, esports operator Luckbox.
  • BuyWin, a new innovative tool, which addresses the new German regulation, was launched in July. BuyWin also gives a higher return to player and access to a wider range of content.




Aspire Global reports its sixth consecutive quarter with solid growth. We made significant progress in the quarter by growing our business with both existing as well as new partners in the US, Europe, Latin America and Africa. Taking into account our strong business momentum and deal flow, we are confident to reach our 2021 financial targets.

Revenues increased by 27.7% from Q2 2020 to an all-time high €55.8 million, with organic growth of 21.6%. Growth was particularly strong in the UK and Ireland as well as in region rest of world which reflects our successful expansion in the Americas as well as the consolidation of BtoBet. It is especially gratifying to note the strong organic growth taking into account that Q2 2020 was positively impacted by the pandemic.

EBITDA increased by 40.1% to record high €9.9 million and the EBITDA margin improved to from 16.1% to 17.7%. The increased profitability is driven by strong topline growth, impressive performance in BtoBet and Pariplay, acquired in 2020 and 2019, respectively, as well as our continuous focus on cost control.


Our recent contract wins with new partners, covering Aspire Global’s complete iGaming offering, show that we are in the forefront of the industry. In June, we signed a deal with for its upcoming launch of a new brand in the UK. is an international, fast-growing casino and betting site with more than 30 billion bets every year. We are happy to support with our complete offering in launching its new casino and betting site in the large UK market. In April, we signed the deal with, a new multi-vertical brand founded by industry veterans, for its upcoming launch in Europe and Latin America. Two weeks ago, we signed an agreement with JNS Gaming which we will support in building a new, global casino and sports brand.

A key growth segment to us is landbased casinos that want to go online. We are proud to partner with Funfair Casino, Ireland’s biggest land-based casino group, and to support in taking their business online.


Just shortly after our acquisition of BtoBet last fall, BtoBet announced a deal with Betfair in Colombia. Betfair launched its sportsbook in Q1 2021 and we can now see a satisfying development in deposits which demonstrates BtoBet’s capabilities. This mutually rewarding collaboration can open up for other opportunities and is a good case study of how Aspire Global approaches tier 1 operators.

Esports is a quickly growing segment and we are excited to team up with the award-winning esports operator Luckbox. BtoBet will be providing Luckbox with its cutting-edge sportsbook in European and Latin American countries. This will enable Luckbox to build an entirely bespoke player journey, customizing the sportsbook experience to its liking and providing players with a unique customer experience.

BtoBet’s proprietary sportsbook is a key competitive advantage when talking to new as well as existing partners. In the quarter, we initiated the first projects where partner brands will replace their existing sports solution with the BtoBet sportsbook and mid-August the first brand went live with BtoBet’s sportsbook on our platform. We expect the shift of partner brands to the BtoBet proprietary platform to positively impact revenues and margins throughout 2021.


Our expansion plans for the US market are running according to plan. Since early August, we have Quincy Raven in place as the Managing Director of Aspire Global’s US operations. The US iGaming market is growing at an impressive rate, and we want to be at forefront of the developments. Quincy has vast experience and will focus on accelerating sales and setting up the relevant operations in order to make sure Aspire Global can establish a significant presence in the US.

In May, Pariplay signed a deal with Amelco that will integrate Pariplay’s premium Fusion platform into its US offering. This partnership will boost both parties’ US operations across multiple states. In April, Pariplay signed a deal with the platform provider GAN to provide its games across New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan.


Aspire Global today operates in 30 regulated markets spanning Europe, the Americas and Africa. Our objective is to continue our growth in regulated markets, both with existing and new partners. We have a strong focus on gaining more certifications and licenses mainly in Europe and the Americas. In the Americas, we focus especially on the US and Brazil. In Europe we see a huge potential for our sportsbook. The introduction of our sportsbook offering has just started in the UK and we have certification processes ongoing in other key European markets. In June, Pariplay was granted a Greek suitability license and the license allows us to enter the Greek market for the first time.


To stay at the forefront of the industry development, innovation is important to us. In order to meet the new requirements in the German market, we launched BuyWin in July. BuyWin addresses the new German regulation by a unique bet contribution on transactions, enabling operators to offer all the games German players are used to, at the standard, high RTP of 95-96%. The innovative tool delivers better player acquisition opportunities due to the higher RTP and wider range of gaming content. AspireEngage, our new CRM tool, was launched earlier this year and is a key contributor to the strong growth.


In Q2 2021, Pariplay reported revenue growth of over 72% and BtoBet of more than 105% with good profitability. These two acquisitions have significantly contributed to Aspire Global’s strong performance and have been essential in positioning Aspire Global as the powerhouse for iGaming operators. It is satisfying to see that Aspire Global has so clearly demonstrated its ability to make value creating acquisitions.


Also in this quarter, the B2C segment demonstrated strong revenue growth. In March 2021, we initiated a review of the role of the B2C segment within the Group structure and we expect to finalize the review during the fall. The review will assist us to better assess our options to further accelerate its growth. Such a move could help improve Aspire Global’s overall margins and EBITDA and potentially support us in accelerating new B2B initiatives and enter fresh markets.


Aspire Global has consistently demonstrated its ability to execute its growth strategy and create value. We see tremendous growth opportunities by expanding with existing partners, gaining new partners and entering new markets. Aspire Global’s financial targets for 2021 are €200 million in revenue and €32 million in EBITDA which implies an EBITDA margin of 16%. Taking into account our strong business momentum and deal activity, we are confident that Aspire Global will reach its 2021 financial targets.

Tsachi Maimon, CEO

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