Atlaslive Appoints New CPO to Build Exceptional Digital Products and Experiences

By | June 27, 2024
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Atlaslive, the dynamic iGaming platform, prioritizes product quality as much as internal expertise. Recently, the company announced the appointment of a new Chief Product Officer, Lasha Kupatadze, an ambitious professional in his field. With a strong background in global businesses, Lasha understands partner and end-user needs exceptionally well and always strives for excellent outcomes.

As they say, “Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.” Lasha lives by this principle, blending innovation and technical savvy to help partners achieve maximum success and reach broader audiences with Atlaslive’s unique products. With more than ten years of experience in shaping product vision and exploring new opportunities, Lasha will lead Atlaslive’s product management and market expansion strategy.

The move comes as Atlaslive continues to grow its business by providing operators with cutting-edge Sportsbook Platform and other comprehensive solutions for the successful iGaming business. Atlaslive Platform delivers an innovative and secure product that is customer- and market-oriented, focusing on digital engagement.

“As iGaming products and user experience are intertwined with each other, we see a great opportunity to enhance our platform for both operators and players,” said Maxim Slobodyanyuk, CEO of Atlaslive.

“Lasha has an impressive track record in developing and managing iGaming products using cutting-edge technologies like AI, predictive analytics, and blockchain. His expertise in creating customer-loved products makes him the perfect fit for our next growth phase. Lasha knows a lot about product strategy and gamification techniques, deeply understands our industry, and makes user experience a top priority. Together, we aim to scale up and deliver even greater value to our partners and their customers.”

Before joining Atlaslive, Lasha worked as Head of Product at a crypto casino and gaming studio, where he led initiatives such as launching loyalty tokens, expanding markets, and introducing exciting new games. His skill in developing engagement strategies consistently drove brands to success. Before this role, Lasha worked at a Berlin-based tech startup, where he led the product team in integrating gamification and developing an advanced loyalty system.

“Data is crucial for the future of iGaming products and user experiences, much like in any other industry. When I analyze it, I understand how to implement it to create the perfect product that is flexible and adaptable. I also understand how gamification tools work and their potential to boost retention rates, user acquisition, and product stickiness. Importantly, we see how trends are evolving as our partners see notable improvements in engagement and conversion rates.”, adds Lasha Kupatadze.

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