Atlaslive at Mare Balticum Gaming Tech Summit in Tallinn

By | May 30, 2024
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Atlaslive, a dynamic iGaming platform, will attend the Mare Balticum Gaming Tech Summit in Tallinn on June 4-5. CMO Bogdana Yavorskaya, CPO Lasha Kupatadze, and COO Lidiia Vakulenko will represent the Atlaslive company at the event.

Lasha Kupatadze will participate in a dynamic panel discussion on “Future-Proofing Digital Engagement: Mastering Gamification, Mobile Innovation, and Regulatory Compliance in the AI Era.” He will provide expert guidance in gamification strategies that help improve player loyalty and the best times for businesses to adopt mobile technology. The company’s experts will provide practical advice on how to use these digital tools to meet new regulations and boost customer engagement, keeping Atlaslive ahead in innovation.

Lasha Kupatadze said, “At the Summit we will explore the biggest challenges and find robust solutions that will not only ensure compliance but also build lasting customer loyalty and operational resilience in the face of tech advancements. I will share my experience and insights during the panel discussion and will tell you about the role of game-like elements which can be effectively integrated, adding layers of rewards, challenges, and competition that really work and can boost user engagement and motivation.”

Atlaslive’s CMO Bogdana Yavorskaya and CPO Lasha Kupatadze will also participate as keynote speakers with their presentation at the summit. Their topic for discussion will be “Navigating the Nordic iGaming Landscape: Insights into Market Dynamics, Trends, and Sports Betting Evolution,” to share fresh analytics and real-life experiences. Their presentation will provide applicable insights into iGaming to meet the changing needs of today’s customers. The presentation will highlight the key trends and what’s really needed for these markets to grow today. They will offer practical solutions and insights into sports betting to meet the changing needs of today’s customers.

Bogdana Yavorskaya, CMO of Atlaslive, talks about the key advantages of their platform, especially its customizable Sportsbook component. “Atlaslive has an in-house developed Sportsbook that is fully automated and can be easily & quickly integrated. You can adjust your product to fit any market with our ready-to-use kits and presets. Analyzing current trends where players want more personalized and interactive gaming experiences, this offers for any iGaming business opportunity to boost  operations worldwide with a platform that adapts well to different laws and equipment needs,” she explains.

There will also be an awards ceremony at the event where Atlaslive is nominated in four key categories. We will be happy to connect with the best from the industry and celebrate the achievements and innovations in the igaming and technology sectors.

Join us in Tallinn to communicate with our team members from Atlaslive. Receive more information about Altaslive on the website and LinkedIn.

Atlaslive, the tech behind the game.

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