AZ Billions Launches World’s First Alphabet Lottery with a MIRACL Authentication

By | August 9, 2023


The world’s first alphabet lottery, AZ Billions, launches today, Wednesday, August 9, energizing the lottery market with an innovative new letter-based concept and using the single-step, passwordless, multi-factor authentication, MIRACL as its login of choice.

AZ Billions is a brand-new lottery, uniquely using letters instead of traditional numbers in this exciting new game. And, as an online first experience, it is vital that the player experience is as clean and friction-free as possible, which is why selecting the smoothest multi-factor authentication available is key to maximize player enjoyment.

“After years of hard work, we are delighted to be launching AZ Billions today,” the Chief Executive Officer for XHL, Craig Austin, said. “We love the idea of using letters instead of numbers for a lottery game and seeing it coming to life is fantastic. We’re also delighted to be partnering with MIRACL to ensure all players have the most secure yet smoothest login experience from the start. Want to give it a go? Why not try AZ Billions out for yourself; you might get lucky.”

MIRACL is the fastest, single-step, passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) on the market. Unlike other multi-factor authenticators, it only requires one step for the user to authenticate, thus play is seamless and any loss of revenue due to clunky login alternatives is entirely reduced. With a proven login success rate of 99.9%, it makes MIRACL an ideal solution for this innovative and dynamic new lottery.

“MIRACL is fast becoming the authentication system of choice for online lotteries so it’s great to be partnering with AZ Billions as its launches this great take on the ever-popular lottery,” the Chief Executive Officer for MIRACL, Rob Griffin, said. “We’ve witnessed the incredible financial impact our single-step multi-factor authentication has provided other global lottery providers and it’s inspiring to see AZ Billions integrate our technology from its launch. Huge congratulations to AZ Billions for launching today and we look forward to supporting in any way we can to give its players the smoothest login experience possible.”

MIRACL eliminates the need for outdated security practices such as passwords, SMS Texts, push notifications and key-cards. The use of true two-factor authentication coupled with the latest Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) patented technology means no personal data is stored or transmitted and there are no ‘honey-pots’ of data exposed to attack, ensuring MIRACL Trust is completely GDPR friendly too. With a simple two second login via PIN or biometric, MIRACL customers see login success rates as high as 99.997%.

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