Belgian Regulator Adds 16 New Domains to iGaming Blacklist

By | September 23, 2021
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Belgium’s gambling regulator has added a further 16 domains to its blacklist of unlicensed online gambling websites.

The blacklist, first introduced in 2012, now includes a total of 277 domains that have been found to have offered games of chance without a licence.

The 16 sites, added to the list on September 15, include, and Some 28 domains were added in July, with four in June.

Players are liable to a criminal penalty of up to €25,000 if they play on these sites, with operators facing possible fines of up to €100,000.

“It is forbidden for anyone to operate a game of chance without a license previously granted by the Gaming Commission. It is also prohibited for anyone to participate in an illegal game of chance, facilitate its exploitation or advertise it,” the Gaming Commission said.

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