Best Games to Get Inspiration and Improve Writing Skills

By | February 14, 2023


Best Games to Get Inspiration and Improve Writing Skills

People aren’t born writers but become if they practice often. You will hone your creator skills by creating new stories and inventing characters. By the way, boosting writing skills is possible while creating new stories and in everyday life. What’s more, even by playing video games, you can become a better writer by learning new stories. Here are the best games to get inspiration and improve your writing skills.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

If you have never played TES V, then you know nothing about action role-playing. Yet, this game has become legendary since its release in 2011. TES V is a huge fantasy world with thousands of quests, stories, extraordinary NPCs, and secrets. By playing this masterpiece, you will understand how extraordinary the process of storytelling can be. Random events can give you more ideas as a writer than dozens of other video games. Furthermore, TES V allows players to read and collect books in purchased houses. Each book is a unique story, allowing gamers to learn more about lore, characters, legends, events, and predictions.

By reading these mini-books, you can get many writing ideas and tricks you will want to use in the future. But get ready that your journey through Skyrim lands will take a lot of time. For example, students will have to reserve at least a couple weeks to explore the world. That’s why you’d better delegate your papers as soon as possible. But how do you find a reliable writing service? Check out tutorbin reviews to find out which companies you shouldn’t trust.

Detroit: Become Human

This adventure video game developed by Quantic Dream is a perfect example of how a plot can develop if you follow certain steps. Detroit: Become Human shows gamers that there are no wrong decisions. But your choice will always have consequences, and you should deal with that. By the way, sometimes the most obvious choice is not the right one (or the positive one).

In addition, Detroit: Become Human is a game that allows gamers to switch between the main characters and make an informed choice of events. As the story progresses, you will be able to interact with other characters and increase (or decrease) their level of trust. Ultimately, the format of the relationship between you and the characters will influence the events and end of the game. This experience will allow you to grow as a writer as you learn to add new story arcs or twists gracefully.

Dark Souls 3

You must have heard at least once about Dark Souls 3, an action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware. This hardcore project will captivate you with gothic surroundings, medieval charm, impeccable music, and challenging fights. But that’s not the only feature many souls-like games fans love. Dark Souls 3 is a game that doesn’t lead you by the hand from one checkpoint to another. Moreover, you will not have a clear plan or short briefing. The game is very similar to the academic community. You find yourself in the middle of nowhere and hear, “Alight, dude. Now you’re on your own. Enjoy the fate of the Ashen One, an undead who must rekindle the flame!”

But how can this game help you boost your writing skills? First, look at how your character knows the world’s lore, backstory, and key mission. Then, as the game progresses, you will receive information in small doses. For example, you will find important characters, artifacts from the past, and echoes of information that allow you to put pieces together into a puzzle. In other words, the game motivates you to discover the world through exploration and to move forward, no matter what happens.

During your difficult mission, you often fail and return to the checkpoint until you defeat all opponents. The same fate awaits all writers who want to create the perfect story. The game allows people to understand that perseverance and the desire to win can help them find the strength to move on and become good writers. Surely you will appreciate this approach, so check out this great game.

Days Gone

Days Gone is one of the most underrated action-adventure games released in 2019 by Bend Studio. According to the plot, you are a biker who survived the zombie apocalypse. Your goal is not only to survive but also to find information about the missing wife. At first glance, this story looks like a classic action movie from the 80s, but don’t jump to false judgments. Once the story starts to develop, you won’t be able to stop.

The game is interesting not only because of the action part, bike rides, and battles with hordes of zombies. In addition, the plot provides players with an interesting version of the zombie apocalypse. Unlike the classic slow dead, you must face the infected, which undergo strange mutations. The virus causes zombies to flock, follow certain behavioral patterns, or take unusual actions for the living dead.

Final Words

As you can see, all these video games will help you boost your writing skills. Moreover, you will get a lot of pleasant emotions and have a good time. So check out these games; maybe you will have many writing ideas for further activities. In any case, you will see what stories other writers have created and their creative patterns.


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