Betbazar integrates sportsbook software provider Altenar

By | November 23, 2021
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Betbazar, the gaming industry’s leading global sales house, has agreed on a deal to supply sportsbook software provider Altenar with next-gen betting products for its clients across LatAm and Europe.

Completed in less than a month, the integration will include products from Betbazar’s exclusive partner BETER, including EsportsBattle Football and Table Tennis Setka Cup Tournaments, available to all Altenar’s clients.

Already well-known across the industry as B2B’s chosen provider of data for Esports, used by the likes of Sportradar and BetGenius, Betbazar is set to overhaul the services delivered to Altenar with a wealth of next-gen products.

Commenting on the deal, Alex Iaroshenko, CEO at Betbazar, said: “This is an incredibly exciting deal that started as an online correspondence with a view to creating a strong partnership. This deal with Altenar opens the opportunity for us to further grow in the LatAm market.”

Max Sevostianov, Betbazar’s CCO, added: “While managing the deal with Altenar, I was extremely impressed at the technical officers’ abilities. It was a tremendous achievement for us to launch a product of this scale. It shows that we clearly work well as a team, and I can’t wait to see where that takes us.”

Altenar CEO Stanislav Silin said: “I’m delighted to get to work with the Betbazar team. Their products have helped us increase our current sportsbook coverage and provide our clients with new, fast and engaging content. Content that challenges the current mainstream providers by offering a degree of disruption, coupled with excellent business sense. It is sufficient to say that we didn’t need to negotiate streaming or data “add-ons” – everything was included in the deal, which is exactly what the recreational player needs. Data, odds and visuals – nothing hidden or at an additional extra charge.

“Our partnership is based on trust and devoted work from both sides so I’m sure it will continue for a long time.”

As a global sales house, Betbazar specialises in innovative content, odds and streaming services, as well as advanced AI-based personalisation tools to drive player engagement.

With a client roster including Bet365, Parimatch, BetVictor, Fortuna and William Hill, Betbazar has proven key to driving incremental revenue and digital transformation for the industry’s leading sportsbooks.

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