BetConstruct Launches its Game-changing Loyalty Platform LOYA

By | May 29, 2024
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BetConstruct, a global leader in iGaming technologies, has launched its game-changing loyalty platform LOYA for enhanced customer engagement and retention.

LOYA is a comprehensive loyalty platform, designed to increase customer engagement in the competitive world of retail betting. The platform is tailored specifically for gaming operators who aim to enhance player involvement by encouraging them to place more bets. Apart from creating an engaging loyalty experience, LOYA allows businesses to gather valuable data for a deeper understanding of their customers. This data-driven approach enables the creation of a highly optimised platform which enhances overall effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

LOYA streamlines operations with its advanced back-office system. The user-friendly mobile app lets users earn points by scanning betting tickets and unlocking loyalty statuses like “Silver,” “Gold” and “Platinum” to use the points in the shop of the app and buy different items. Moreover, LOYA offers diverse points-earning programmes, from betting to social sharing, supported by clickable programmes to maximise points. In addition, as a retail loyalty platform for anonymous betting, LOYA prioritises privacy and security with its transparent data displayed in the app.

BetConstruct, renowned for its innovative approach, continuously offers partners up-to-date premier products and solutions. The release of the loyalty platform LOYA marks a significant milestone in fostering customer engagement. It sets a new standard for loyalty platforms, ensuring maximum satisfaction for both the operators and the players.

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