BetMakers Introduces New Wagering Terminal Monitoring Solution, OneWatch

By | November 29, 2023
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BetMakers Technology Group has introduced OneWatch, an innovative new wagering terminal monitoring and analytics tool designed to transform wagering terminal support operations from manual and reactive to smart and proactive.

OneWatch provides BetMakers and its Global Tote division with a powerful tool for proactive terminal maintenance and support services. Key features of the OneWatch solution include:

  • Centralised Monitoring of the entire wagering terminal estate with a single, consolidated dashboard.
  • Real time status indicators, alerts and general health reports.
  • Historical data for analysis, performance metrics and to support data-driven decision making.
  • Dashboard Integration with third party automation tools.

Global Tote’s own operations teams will utilize OneWatch to manage the thousands of BetLine Series wagering terminals deployed by Global Tote for racetrack and off-track betting operators across the US. In addition, OneWatch will provide Global Tote clients with valuable insight into their BetLine terminals, with a centralised dashboard and historical information for reporting and analysis. OneWatch is also available to clients who acquire BetLine terminals outright, giving them visibility into terminal performance along with the tools to implement proactive service and drive higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Karl Begg, Chief Technology Officer of BetMakers Technology Group, said: “At BetMakers, we simplify betting so one goal of our BetLine Series was to ensure that all core elements of wagering terminal service could be monitored and analysed, centrally, for resource allocation, proactive services, and rapid incident resolution. Whether deployed for our North American clients or by a client that owns their own BetLine terminals, OneWatch will give support teams comprehensive oversight of critical wagering terminal systems, ensuring that nothing escapes attention.

“BetMakers is committed to transforming the global racing industry and enhancing the experience of wagering on racing. The BetLine Series of wagering terminals and the OneWatch Terminal monitoring solution are just two of the ways in which BetMakers is investing in the technologies and services that help deliver on that commitment.”

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