BetMGM Announces “Big Game” Promotions and Activations

By | February 11, 2022


BetMGM prepares for its largest single day of engagement as the country’s attention turns to the biggest game of the football calendar. Now live in 20 markets, BetMGM is introducing new in-game experiences for its customers including exclusive free-to-play contests, promotions and a deep library of unique prop wagers. Details listed below.


  • $100K “King of the Big Game” Contest: All BetMGM users can win $100,000 without making a wager. The free-to-play “King of the Big Game” challenges all players to make predictions on six propositions. Players who guess all six correctly will win the $100,000 grand prize. If no one guesses all six, the players who get the most will collect $1,000. Questions include:
    1. Who will have the most receiving yards?
    2. Who will have the most rushing yards?
    3. What will be the longest field goal kicked?
    4. What will be the longest touchdown scored?
    5. How many total turnovers will there be?
    6. What’s the color of the sports drink that will be dropped on the winning coach?


  • BOGO One Game Parlay: All players new-and-old can earn a free wager when they place a One Game Parlay (OGP). The OGP is a low-risk, high-reward strategy that allows bettors to combine their favorite wagers for a single game to earn a large payout. Anyone who places a $10 OGP for the Big Game will be gifted $30 in free bets.
  • Halftime Bet & Get: While everyone is enjoying the halftime show, BetMGM users who place a wager on who will score the first touchdown in the second half will receive an additional no-risk, free wager to make on the rest of the game.
  • $56K Halftime Tournament: Customers in New Jersey, Michigan, West Virginia and Pennsylvania  head to the BetMGM Casino during halftime for an ultimate 30-minute slots tournament to win $56,000. The high-intensity competition lets users pull the mobile lever to try to tally up the most prize winnings before halftime is over.
  • New Customer Promotions: New customers to BetMGM receive a $1,000 risk-free bet for the Big Game. Additionally, new users can bet $10 to win $200 if either team scores a touchdown.



  • Notable Single Futures Bet on Bengals to Win: $50,000 to win $1,000,000 on Bengals (+2000)
  • Notable Single Futures Bet on Rams to Win: $10,000 to win $120,000 on Rams (+1200)
  • Notable Prop Bet on Big Game: $7,500 on Aaron Donald for Super Bowl MVP (+1600)
  • Which Team Each State is Rooting for (via their Bets):

*Note: “Even” denotes 50% on Bengals, 50% on Rams


    • Arizona: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Even
    • Colorado: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Bengals
    • D.C.: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Bengals
    • Indiana: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Bengals
    • Iowa: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Bengals
    • Louisiana: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Bengals
    • Maryland: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Bengals
    • Michigan: Tickets: Rams, Handle: Rams
    • Mississippi: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Bengals
    • Nevada: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Rams
    • New Jersey: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Bengals
    • New York: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Even
    • Oregon: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Even
    • Pennsylvania: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Even
    • South Dakota: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Bengals
    • Tennessee: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Bengals
    • Virginia: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Bengals
    • Washington: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Bengals
    • West Virginia: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Bengals
    • Wyoming: Tickets: Bengals, Handle: Bengals



  • Gatorade Color:
    • Orange (+200)
    • Blue (+300)
    • Yellow/Green/Lime (+450) – betting favorite with 33% tickets; 36% handle
    • Clear (+450)
    • Red/Pink (+800)
    • Purple/Indigo/Violet (+1000)
  • Coin Toss: BetMGM has received more bets on the coin toss than other popular prop bets such as Joe Burrow passing yards, Cooper Kupp Receiving Yards, Joe Mixon rushing yards, Odell Beckham Jr. receiving yards.
    • Heads (-105)
    • Tails (-105) – betting favorite with 60% tickets; 52% handle
  • Super Bowl MVP:
    • Joe Burrow (+210) – betting favorite with 18.5% tickets; 30.0% handle
    • Matthew Stafford (+110)
    • Cooper Kupp (+600)
    • Ja’Marr Chase (+1400)
    • Aaron Donald (+2000)
    • Von Miller (+8000)


  • Spread:
    • Rams -4.5
    • Bengals +4.5 – betting favorite with 56% tickets; 59% handle
  • Total:
    • Over 48.5 – betting favorite with 56% tickets; 63% handle
    • Under 48.5


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