BetSocial amplifies impact of Autism Awareness Campaign through partnership with AFETO Association

By | May 7, 2024


Betmotion is pleased to announce that BetSocial, its Corporate Social Responsibility project, has achieved significant success in its recent autism awareness campaign in partnership with the AFETO Association.

For the second consecutive year, this collaboration has not only promoted awareness of autism but also raised significant funds to support children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

BetSocial’s initiative demonstrated Betmotion’s commitment to social impact, highlighting its role in promoting community well-being. Over three days, the “Cofrinho Solidário” bingo room was the hub of activities, where 100% of the proceeds from sold bingo cards were directly reverted to the AFETO Association. This year, the campaign doubled the funds raised compared to the previous year and significantly increased card sales, demonstrating a growing community engagement.

“BetSocial was created to broaden our social action and strengthen the communities we interact with,” said Bianca Passos, Bingo Manager and one of the founders of BetSocial. “This campaign reflects our commitment to not only entertain but also positively contribute to society. We are thrilled with the support received and the results achieved, and this only reinforces the importance of initiatives like this.”

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