By | September 1, 2022
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For Betsson, protecting players from potential risks that may occur from excessive gambling, is one of its main focus areas.

With the new campaign’s leading message being that, “Athletes should go all in. Maybe you shouldn’t.”, Betsson encourages customers to set boundaries and reminds them that the game is only fun when played responsibly.

Watch the Betsson new campaign video (in Greek):

Betsson has further strengthened its commitment to responsible gambling in Greece with the creation of the Betsson Foundation.

The Foundation’s site is completely independent from and promotes tips on safe and responsible gaming The site allows users to access a self-assessment tool to evaluate their personal gaming habits as well as learn more about the warning signals and risks of problem gambling. The new site also lists the multiple social impact initiatives that Betsson organises in Greece.

Through the Betsson Foundation, donations will be given to non-profit organizations in the fields of education, health, and sports. It will also support programs that are expected to bring significant, lasting, and positive results to society.

This specific initiative of Betsson confirms its commitment to the principles of Responsible Gaming, the creation of a safe environment for its customers and the company’s commitment in making a positive impact in society.

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