BGaming: VR games can become a breath of fresh air for iGaming

By | June 29, 2021
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Studio team talks about groundbreaking solutions and innovative classics in graphics and design for iGaming products

Generous with high RTP and sophisticated features, quick and modern but, first of all, eye-catching! Excellent graphics is one of the key criteria for successful online casino games. A dynamic market requires not only a creative but trailblazing approach to game design. Being an innovative and fast-growing iGaming content provider, BGaming has gathered interesting trends in the design and graphics of online casino games. 


Mobile focus

More and more players prefer to play on gadgets. According to the corporate report, today more than 94% of the BGaming’s audience choose to play on mobile devices. This is the common tendency that influences almost every stage of the production process. 

iGaming providers began to produce vertical online slots and games similar in logic to Match-3 games. Accordingly, the graphics adapt to these requirements. This is an important point because it is familiar and convenient for the player”, notes Alexey Ulanov, Art Director at BGaming, “As for the classic slots, we can see some simplification, providers have to reject small details that were important on desktops and slot machines, but are hardly distinguishable in mobile devices.”


Mix of styles

Minimum effects and elements, as well as the absence of gradients or mixed colours to coincide with the contemporary flat style of design. With primitive graphic art, the hyper casual design still allows the provider to bring their own vision, making a game unique. 

Due to the influence of crypto gambling, the share of games having these two styles is rapidly growing. As a result, this impacts not just crypto games but all areas of iGaming design. 

Speaking about BGaming, now we’re working on the hyper casual title called Space XY. It will be a good example of a crypto game. In general, we expect to see the development of both graphics-intensive games and games with flat, and hyper-casual design. There will be attempts to mix styles, and create versions of the same game in adjacent styles. That’s an intriguing challenge and only the analysis will show us how it works”,  says Alexey Ulanov.

At the same time, the casual design with its similarity to the cartoon style is still mostly in favour among the leading iGaming providers. 

This approach gives artists the opportunity to bring different ideas and game themes to life. Dig Dig Digger, the latest release by BGaming, is a shining example of a casual-style slot”,  further highlights Alexey Ulanov. 


VR/AR in iGaming: games of the future? 

While the world doesn’t expect new types of devices, like iPhones and iPads once were, providers can continue attempts to go into the niche of AR and VR games. 3D visualisation of poker, slots and other casino games is supposed to regale completely new impressions to players. 

This is a very promising area for iGaming in general and BGaming in particular. This can become a new breath for online games. We’re currently working on VR games but do this in our own way, it will be something completely different. We would like to give players another way to play their favorite games and have fun. To make it possible, we need to have more convenient devices but, for sure, this issue will be solved soon”, noted Alexandr Shavel, Head of BizDev Department at BGaming.


New vision of classics

Being in demand for all times, traditional fruit slots are a huge part of all online casino games. It seems that it’s almost impossible to bring something new to this kind of game but providers are looking for new solutions. 

For example, BGaming was the world’s first studio to offer a concept of a chameleon-style slot. The studio prepared a few packs of graphics for one game. As a result, Fruit Million, released in December 2020, celebrates every holiday along with the world. 

Yulia Aliakseyeva, Game Producer at BGaming, comments: “The game is going to change its look more than 5 times throughout the year, sharing the festive mood of Christmas, St, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and other big days. BGaming’s art team created different graphics for the slot to bring players festive mood. Thanks to this, the game always stays relevant.” 

BGaming will continue to analyze and share industry trends. Thanks to an expert team and a player-driven approach the studio creates innovative and engaging products featured on reputable platforms and online casinos worldwide. Being the world’s first game studio to support cryptocurrencies and offer Provably Fair games, BGaming is one of the trendsetters in the industry.

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