BGC Pledges £20M for Training to Support Levelling Up Scheme

By | February 4, 2022
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Standards body the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has announced its support for the Government’s Levelling Up whitepaper by pledging to spend £20m on training and development for staff across the UK each year.

BGC members are also pledging to create a total of 5000 apprenticeships for young people looking to work in the industry between now and 2025. The vast majority of which will be outside of London.

This commitment from the industry follows a report by EY which showed that BGC members support 119,000 jobs – directly employing 61,000 people and a further 58,000 in the supply chain. Nearly two-thirds of those jobs are based outside of London with nearly 20,000 in the West Midlands alone.

Other high employment areas for the betting gaming industry include Yorkshire and Humber where over 10,000 people are employed and in the North West and North East a combined 16,000 people are employed.

Lord Walney, Engagement Director for the Levelling Up Goals at The Purpose Coalition, has backed the BGC’s apprenticeship plan.

“Apprenticeships will play a huge part in the levelling up process, allowing companies to provide high-quality training for thousands of young people,” he said.

Michael Dugher, Chief Executive of the BGC, said the regulated industry was ready to go even further to help to support the UK economy.

“The Government’s levelling up agenda is a fantastic opportunity to create more apprenticeships and tackle unemployment across the UK,” he said.

“Across the UK, from Stoke to Leeds, BGC members are investing in high tech jobs within their companies more than ever before. They stand ready to support the economic recovery after covid and provide the skills and opportunities that towns and cities need to thrive,” he added.

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