Biconomy Partners with Virtually Human Studio

By | October 12, 2021
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Biconomy, the multichain relayer network building the infrastructure to simplify the web3.0 experience, has announced that it has partnered with Virtually Human Studio, creators of ZED RUN, the popular digital horse racing platform, to integrate its cross chain bridge, Hyphen. Hyphen enables instant and low-cost token transfers across different blockchains.

This is one of the first in-game bridges to be used on a web3.0 gaming dApp, setting a precedent for all future web3.0 gaming experiences. Users don’t have to leave the dApp to use another bridge interface and wait for 20-30 min. They stay on the ZED RUN dApp & immediately get their funds on ZED RUN so they can experience a seamless experience.

“dApp games are fraught with complicated onboarding processes that have resulted in a broken gaming experience. Hyphen will change all that by bringing in-game bridge features to blockchain gaming platforms,” Ahmed Al-Balaghi, CEO of Biconomy, said.

Biconomy’s Hyphen bridge enables developers to offer instantaneous value transfers between EVM chains, various L2s, and sidechains. By integrating Hyphen onto ZED RUN, users will be able to exchange funds (ETH to Polygon) without leaving the app. This solution removes the need for non-native gaming bridges. Currently, ZED RUN has been beta testing the integration with a select group of its users. The solution is expected to go live on their dApp in the next couple of weeks.

“Our partnership with Biconomy enables us to bring users a more seamless gaming experience. Hyphens cross-chain transactions will transform the way users can interact with blockchain games and ZED RUN is thrilled to be one of the first to implement a native cross-chain bridge into a gaming dApp,” Geoff Wellman, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Virtually Human Studio, said.

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