British Esports Partners with Leading EdTech Event, Bett UK 2023

By | February 22, 2023
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British Esports, established in 2016 as the UK’s national esports federation, has announced its continued partnership and collaboration with the world’s leading EdTech event, Bett UK 2023 from Hyve.

The global community for education technology, Bett, is the largest annual event of its kind, focused on delivering key insights from the worlds of education and technology. Bett is once again backing the rapid emergence of esports, through delivering hands-on ways for educators to learn, enjoy and adapt esports for relevant use in schools and classrooms.

Following on from the hugely popular Esports Village in 2022, British Esports is once again working in association with Bett to host Esports @ Bett.

Featuring a range of keynote sessions and panel discussions focused on esports and education, as well as a showcase esports tournament, Esports @ Bett will offer innovative and exciting content sessions from schools already on their esports journey, as well as hands-on opportunities with the latest esports technology.

Furthermore, those looking for an introduction to esports, considering setting up a programme in their own school or even seeking a deeper understanding of the skills and career pathways that esports can develop are encouraged to visit the Esports @ Bett Hub, a carefully curated range of assets and content aided by British Esports, from esports guides, to inclusivity in esports and the very latest on esports qualifications.

“Esports @ Bett will showcase how schools, colleges and universities can harness this ever growing industry to engage students, support teaching and learning objectives and identify future skills. Esports is a great vehicle to reconnect the education ecosystem and reimagine the potential of technology in the classroom,” Kalam Neale, Head of Education, British Esports, said.

“British Esports is thrilled to be working with Bett to host the larger, more improved Esports Zone at Bett 2023. We’re proud to be partnering with Bett at the biggest educational technology exhibition and fully support Bett’s renewed commitment to equitable learning for all,” Chester King, CEO of British Esports, said.

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