BtoBet Publishes its Latest Industry Report “Canada Betting Focus”

By | March 15, 2022


Sportsbook platform provider BtoBet has published its latest Industry Report, with the report focusing on the newly legalized Canada market. The “Canada Betting Focus” analyzes the market’s opportunities since single-event sports betting was legalized.

Apart from providing a regulatory overview, the Report also makes reference to data indicating the market’s short term growth trajectory, which is estimated to reach levels between CA$1.5 billion to CA$2.4 billion in the second year post-legalization, compared to CA$241.7 million pre-legalization.

BtoBet’s Industry Report provides in-depth statistics, focusing on:

  • Regulatory overview,
  • Market sizing,
  • Provincial data,
  • Market-share constitution, and the
  • Unregulated market’s worth.

The “Canada Betting Focus” Industry Report is available for free and can be accessed on

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