Cardano’s DB365 Launches the first cross chain Metaverse play to earn, prediction and sportsbook platform

By | February 23, 2022


Cardano’s DB365 Launches as the first cross chain Metaverse play to earn, prediction and sportsbook platform on the Cardano Blockchain

DexBet365 Token Seed Sale has launched on Monday the 21st of February 2022 by 12am European Time. As $DB365 Tokens will go on sale to early adopters of the platform. For more details, Visit the Token Sales Page at:

DB365 is the first cross chain Metaverse and Cryptocurrency Play to earn, Blockchain Sportsbook platform on the Cardano Blockchain where users can Play their favorite Metaverse games and earn real cryptocurrencies and Digital Collectibles with real world value.


The world is making the shift from Centralized form of living to Decentralized form of living, the conscious shift from government monopoly whereby normal individuals are being exploited by the one percent that controls the government. This was made more evident by scores of people adopting decentralization, including Billionaire Elon Musk with the news of Tesla owning a sizable amount of Bitcoin.

Celebrities like Eminem buying NFT’s, Justin Berber hosting concerts in the Metaverse. And the biggest news of last year was Mark Zuckerbeg announcing that Facebook (Now Meta) is developing social interactions and living in the Metaverse. Big Tech Companies like Apple and Microsoft are also making in roads into the Metaverse as well.

Decentralization is the future and with DexBet365 users have a rare opportunity of being among the one percent in the world that are the earliest and first adopters of blockchain, Metaverse gaming, owning NFT collectibles and gaming and sportsbook platform in the Decentralized world and the Metaverse.


The mission is to take sportsbook industry into the crypto space. DB365 is offering the users all the opportunity to become the pioneers of a new frontier, the Decentralized frontier. Rather than place a bet and wait for 24hours to receive the rewards, users get their rewards, which are either BTC, ETH, ADA, BNB, SOL etc credited to their crypto wallet instantly. In the DB365 world, the users are the bookmakers and the users who stake their tokens to act as bookmakers for an event, and earn the rewards. Hence there is no one percent of people controlling the space of DB365, rather every user forms a part of the governance and control through staking and sponsoring as bookmakers, and the end result is rewards distributed in a decentralized manner to everyday people. More so, with the added advantage of anonymity and the fail proof security of Blockchain technology, there is the guarantee that all the information, tokens and coins are secure and safe from breaches.

Applications of DB365

Bookmaker Feature
Metaverse Gaming
Sportsbook Platform
Play to Earn NFT
Prediction Marketplace
Coin Value Prediction
Sport’s event NFT Minting

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