Cash Automation Solution Success for ITL Germany Partner, PerfectMoney

By | February 9, 2022
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UK based cash handling provider, Innovative Technology (ITL) have secured several distribution suppliers for their CashGenic hygienic cash automation solution both in the UK and throughout Europe including Germany-based PerfectMoney.

Commenting on the success of the roll-out, Thorsten Labusch, VP of Sales said, “We are delighted with the fast pace of the CashGenic partner acquisition programme. It was first launched in May 2020 during the COVID pandemic to enable customers to pay with cash hygienically and safely. One of our partners, PerfectMoney, an innovative payment solutions provider based in South Germany are proudly building their own machines which they have rebranded ‘Vicky’. This high-performance, smart cash dispenser has space-saving dimensions so fits onto any counter making installations quick and easy.”

Christian Dieterich, CEO, PerfectMoney commented, “Last year we made the decision to expand our product portfolio to include ITL’s CashGenic kit built into our own payment machine. We are pleased with the success of the roll-out so far with several businesses reporting an uplift in cash takings after Vicky was installed. Although COVID may have initially triggered this development for hygiene reasons to reduce staff handling money, it brings many more advantages to the retailer. Securing cash payments, reducing accounting errors and cost efficiency continue to be key for the retail industry. Plus, cash remains the preferred payment of choice here in Germany, so we foresee take-up growing significantly over the coming years.”

One such customer, Rolf Otto from Harley-Davidson, based in Viersen commented on his motivations for buying the PerfectMoney Vicky cash machine, “The time we save justifies the device alone. I would definitely recommend it, especially in retail, even just for the additional security it gives.”

Thorsten concluded, “PerfectMoney are working with various retail outlets such as butchers, bakers, food trucks, farm shops, takeaways, fast-food restaurants, motorcycle shops, pharmacies, coffee shops and opticians to implement Vicky as their point-of-sale solution. Cash handling can traditionally be time-consuming, resource heavy and expensive. By automating payment processes retailers can eliminate cash register handovers and staff no longer need to count cash as the machine automatically does this, therefore saving time and generating greater efficiencies for the business. Following the success of our partnership with PerfectMoney, we are collaborating further, enhancing our relationship with them to supply a broader range of our cash handling products in the future.”

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