Casino Guru and Seventh Wave collaborate on ESG Principles in iGaming course

By | July 6, 2023
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The world’s most complex independent online casino source, Casino Guru, and Seventh Wave Corporate Training, a company that offers unparallel training in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) to corporations, have launched a new course, ESG Principles in iGaming, introduced as part of Casino Guru Academy’s repository of free materials designed for gambling professionals to expand their knowledge in various areas.

The course consists of four main chapters and a final exam in a separate one. Each of the chapters is introduced with a short video and complemented by a number of written materials that are designed to strengthen professionals’ understanding of the pillars of iGaming within ESG spheres.

Enrollment is free, and anyone interested can explore each of the three pillars of ESG and why they are important to iGaming companies, along with what benefits they offer. Other topics covered by the course include reporting and materiality in ESG, along with key takeaways in the sustainable iGaming industry.

The work on the course, spearheaded by Casino Guru Sustainable and Safer Gambling Lead Šimon Vincze and Seventh Wave Corporate Training Director Adrian Sladdin, was hailed by both.

“ESG agenda contains answers to many issues the iGaming industry faces. Besides the reduction of gambling harm encompassed in the S of ESG, it offers pathways for drawing gambling to the light of legitimate entertainment with ever-associated risks. I am so glad we could cooperate with Adrian and Seventh Wave training and provide our learners with bespoke content for free,” said Vincze.

Sladdin was equally excited about the opportunity this joint opportunity presented, hailing the project as a success and a pleasure. “With our joint knowledge of ESG and iGaming, it has been fascinating to see how the two areas intersect around safer gambling. We believe this is the first online course on ESG for the gambling industry with which we work closely, so this is a natural fit for us. It also leads into our own range of in-person training, which will help people to master the brief,” Sladdin added.

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