Champria Announces $1M Pre-seed Round

By | October 28, 2021


Champria, an esports technology startup focused on harnessing the potential of aspiring esports athletes and their teams, has announced a $1 million pre-seed round led by Kickstart Fund.

Additional investors in the round included New Mexico Arrowhead Innovation Fund, Gokul Rajaram, David Carrico, and other angel investors.

Founded in 2020, Champria enables esports athletes of any skill level to increase their skills, grow their community, and achieve their potential through recruitment, scrimmages, team management, and data visualization.

The pre-seed round comes during a critical stage of Champria’s growth, and esports as a whole. Since January, Champria has registered over 2000 teams and scheduled over 9000 matches across Rocket League and Overwatch. Funding will help Champria enhance the platform’s current offering, expand into other game titles, increase the current staff, and increase partnerships and events.

“Being a former esports athlete, I know the struggle that recruiting players, scheduling scrimmages and managing a team can be. With this round of funding we will be able to increase our offering and give aspiring esports athletes the ability to take the hassle out of these pain points and focus on what truly matters to them, increasing their skill level so that they can accomplish their dreams,” Zeke Chavez, Founder and CEO of Champria, said.

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