Chilean Senate Approves Bill Banning Use of Slot Machines Outside Casinos

By | June 24, 2021


The Chilean Senate has approved a bill prohibiting the use of slot machines outside of casinos. It was passed by a majority in the Senate with 29 votes in favor and 7 abstentions. It will now be sent to the Lower House and scrutinized by the Chamber of Representatives.

The Senate addressed the elimination of any slot machine or “skill machine”. This is further defined as “any electronic system capable of receiving bets, which grants the user a time of use, and grants prize money through a randomly generated algorithm.” Any permit to operate one of these machines must be “in no way may be extended to games of this type made online”.

The proposed bill also plans to regulate the sale and destruction of gambling machines in the country. Authorized operators must keep a record of these machines in keeping with rules and regulations outlined by regulators. They can also only be destroyed by waste managers with the relevant authorization to do so.

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