ComeOn Group announces their shift to a global Hybrid Office work model as their post Covid People Strategy

By | November 1, 2021
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Gaming operator ComeOn Group announces the launch of their new Global Hybrid Office work model as a part of their evolving company culture. A decision based on interviews with employees and the needs of the business, as well as a vision to create a modern and dynamic working environment keeping in line with new emerging trends as a response to the global pandemic.

There is a great journey behind ComeOn Group and after 12 years of operations, ComeOn has grown to over 500 employees with offices in 7 locations. Now, ComeOn Group is entering another exciting period of time where the company is offering their employees not only top-of-the-line and modern Hybrid Office spaces for better collaboration, but also more flexibility as a way to promote better work-life balance.

For the past two years, ComeOn has shown great endurance to the challenges brought on by the pandemic and managed to transition to working remotely, as well as quickly develop new tools to maintain the operations coupled with, developing and maturing the great company culture ComeOn is known for in the industry. To maintain the same level of communication, ComeOn launched Slack for better collaboration across all locations and introduced meeting-free Wednesday mornings, to boost productivity and give employees the thinking time they need. It is during this time that the Hybrid Office model came to be developed by a team of dedicated project managers and HR strategists that has carried out a 360 research to deliver the best possible experience to the whole organisation.

ComeOn’s definition of a Hybrid Work means that employees can decide and be flexible around where their work station should be for the day. The decision to move to a Hybrid set-up was based on in-depth trending office research and employee surveys, which made it clear the need for a new work set-up moving forward.

Juergen Reutter, Chief Executive Officer at ComeOn Group, said ”In the beginning of the year we polled our people on how they prefer to work post pandemic. 91% answered to keep it flexible. So with these figures in hand we are investing in a true, top-notch quality hybrid office setup for our employees to participate in face-to-face collaborative working experiences when they are in our locations.”

ComeOn has their Headquarters in the modern premises of Spinola Park that is located in the heart of St Julians. The office that originally already had a great interior, underwent further refurbishment with a specific Hybrid Office design and interior development to inspire and encourage collaborative work, also adding a whole new social space for employees to meet up, work, or relax. ComeOn have approached a similar strategy globally, specifically in London and Stockholm, where a move to new office spaces have been initiated. In addition to this, ComeOn also launched an global online desk booking system with a handy app for employees to plan their visits seamlessly leading to the best in office experience possible.

Daniela Vella, Chief Operating Officer at ComeOn Group, said Employees are at the center of this decision – During the past 24 months, all of the teams rallied together and made working from home a success. However, one of the common threads was that the offices were an incubator for ideas, brainstorming and generally, just meeting with our awesome colleagues – so this decision was a no-brainer for us!’’

ComeOn offers great benefits globally that include relocation packages, wellness allowance, health insurance, parental leave – to mention a few out of many. The company also put together a more extensive mental health support system to help employees when needed both during the pandemic and as a continuous effort to offer the best support system for the employees. To meet the expectations of the new way of working, ComeOn also rolled out a new Hybrid Office allowance to help kick-start employees who would like to set up a home office, which is thought to help with the overall wellbeing. As a response to slightly more complicated travel conditions coupled with the fact that ComeOn Group employees are from over 50 nationalities, the Group is also offering their employees 8 weeks working from another location that can be combined with annual leave so a healthier work environment can be fostered.

The roll out of Hybrid Office has been a great success and the company reports that the number of employees deciding to work from the office has reached an all time high post pandemic. ComeOn always has people at the heart of their business and will continue to work on new and exciting people strategies to retain the great talent they have and also attract new prospects. As published a few weeks back, ComeOn has recently been awarded the title “Great Place to Work” by International Gaming Awards 2021 – which is a great recognition for all the hard work that has been put in by all employees across all locations.

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