Dutch Gaming Regulator and Media Watchdog Agree Advertising Protocol

By | September 20, 2021
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The Dutch gaming regulator Kansspelautoriteit and the country’s media watchdog have signed a protocol that will see them work more closely in the supervision of advertising just weeks ahead of the launch of the new regulated market.

The Commissariaat voor de Media (CdvM) and Kansspelautoriteit will share complaints and signals about advertising for gambling, betting and all games of chance. The two bodies will also regularly consult with each other about trends and developments.

In a statement they said that through this collaboration they want to better guarantee the security of the media offer and the protection of vulnerable groups.

Licensed online gaming becomes legal in the Netherlands from October 1, following the passing of the Remote Gambling Act earlier this year. Under that legislation, Kansspelautoriteit monitors gaming advertisements and can adjudge if an advert is misleading or encourages excessive participation.

CdvM is responsible for regulation under a new Media Act, which is enforced from November 1. This legislation regulates when advertising for games of chance may and may not be broadcast. Gambling advertisements are not allowed to be broadcast on television and radio between 6 am and 9 pm.

“The new rules prompted the Commissariaat and the KSA to start working together more closely. The principles for the cooperation are laid down in a protocol. In this agreement, the bodies said they would coordinate complaints and signals about advertising for games of chance and providers of games of chance. In addition, knowledge and information are shared,” Kansspelautoriteit said in a statement.

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