Educational Poker Room Opens in Central Tokyo

By | June 24, 2021
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Japanese professional poker player and YouTuber Masato Yokosawa and his channel manager Hiroki Nawa have opened an “amusement poker” outlet in central Tokyo to spread the popularity of the card game in Japan.

Roots Shibuya opened its doors on June 11. It offers poker games without gambling or prizes to conform with Japan’s legal requirements. The company makes its money by charging fees for the games. For example, it offers beginners games up to 100 minutes in length for JPY2500 (US$22.70) in which the dealer teaches the game to the patron as the game proceeds.

There is also a bar for drinking and socialising, though it is currently operating under restrictions due to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s coronavirus policies.

“Let’s convey the true charm of poker. Let the bottomless depth of poker extend forever. From here, poker is reborn. This is where the new history of poker begins,” proclaims the business webpage of Roots Shibuya.

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