#EGQ4mVirtual – Is esports a safe bet or a bit of a punt?

By | December 18, 2023
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In the rapidly evolving world of esports, the betting market has emerged as a domain rich with potential yet riddled with complexities. To demystify this burgeoning industry, we recently hosted a virtual panel discussion featuring renowned experts in the field. Their insights have now been recorded and are available for anyone intrigued by the intersection of esports, betting, and technology.

A Snapshot of the Current Esports Betting Market

Our panelists delved deep into the current state of esports betting, examining its growth trajectory and identifying thriving markets. They provided detailed analysis, backed by recent data, to paint a picture of the industry’s global footprint. This segment is particularly enlightening for those curious about where the market stands today and where it’s heading.

The Opportunities and Hesitations

A significant part of the discussion focused on the opportunities esports betting presents for operators. The experts dissected why, despite the apparent potential, many in the industry have been cautious in embracing esports betting. This segment is a goldmine for operators looking to understand the balance between opportunities and challenges in this niche.

Unique Challenges and Solutions

Our speakers didn’t shy away from addressing the unique challenges of crafting a compelling esports sportsbook. They contrasted these challenges with those faced in traditional sports betting, offering a comprehensive view of the esports betting landscape. For operators grappling with these issues, our panelists’ suggestions on overcoming these hurdles are invaluable.

Crafting an Engaging Esports Betting Product

What makes an esports betting product stand out? The panel provided detailed insights into the elements that constitute a successful and engaging esports betting platform. This section is a must-watch for operators and developers striving to refine their offerings in this space.

The Role of Authenticity

In a segment that sparked much discussion, our experts underscored the importance of authenticity in the success of an esports betting brand. This part of the conversation is particularly relevant for brands looking to establish credibility and a loyal customer base in the competitive esports betting market.

Conclusion: A Must-Watch for Industry Stakeholders

This virtual panel discussion, now available in a comprehensive recording, is an essential resource for anyone involved or interested in esports betting. Whether you are an operator, a developer, or an enthusiast, these insights will help you navigate the complexities and capitalize on the opportunities in this dynamic industry.

Watch the Full Panel Discussion Here:


  • Oliver Niner – Head of Sales at PandaScore
  • Max Sevostianov – COO at Betbazar
  • Juana Bischoff – Senior Business Development, Sales & Account Management at Oddin.gg

Moderator: Zoltán Tűndik – Hipther Agency

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