EGT’s Global Jackpot Cards – Now in Game World Gaming Halls

By | July 28, 2023
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The Global Jackpot Cards jackpot system continues to captivate players in more and more partners’ gaming halls in Romania, connecting up to 50 machines from various locations. One of the most recent installations, with a success commensurate with its reputation, is within the Game World locations, both in Bucharest and other cities.

With a history of almost 25 years in the gambling industry, Game World continues to be one of the most important operators in the market, always up to date with the new technological generation, choosing the best-performing solutions for their clients.

The latest installation, Global Jackpot Cards, maintains the enthusiasm and interest of roulette aficionados. They now can win 4 different jackpot mystery levels through the Jackpot Cards bonus game that is triggered randomly at the end of the basic game. The bonus game starts with 12 unrevealed cards. Then players must collect 3 cards of the same series to reach the appropriate jackpot level – Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades.

The unique animations and unmatched style are complemented by the gaming experience offered by the terminals on which the Jackpot Cards jackpot system is installed: S-line multiplayer terminals. S32/32, S32/32/32 or S32/55. They stand out for their flexibility and variety.

In addition to the exceptional performance provided by the latest generations of software, the design details, refinement and elegance of the device groups attract enthusiasts and exceed their entertainment expectations.

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