El Cartel Plus, the premium version of one of MGA Games’ top-selling games, has arribar to the Spanish market!

By | June 20, 2022
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MGA Games releases the premium version of one of its top games, now totally revamped, thanks to the latest mobile technology. The first edition of El Cartel, launched in 2017 to this day, continues to rank among the top slot games played in the Spanish market. In 2021 it was in the Top5 of MGA Games’ games and it is expected that this new production will reach new records.

In this 3-reel premium slot game, players witness the frantic combat between smugglers and law enforcement officers in Latin American neighbourhoods and jungles. Its 4 mini-games full of prizes and surprises take players through classic crime fiction scenes: jeeps loaded with suspicious bundles in the middle of the jungle, planes flying illegally off the radar, nightclubs, and discreet warehouses where shady dealings are made.

The slot game’s theme and characteristic symbols of wads of cash, revolvers, jeeps, and planes will continue to amuse and excite players. However, El Cartel Plus is also now 100% mobile responsive and has an unbeatable download time, and has been adapted to the formats and needs of players.

This renewed and technologically unsurpassable game from MGA Games will be available to operators in the Spanish market from June 20th.

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