Elevating the Sales Game: GR8 Tech Welcomes Strategic Power Players

By | September 5, 2023
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GR8 Tech, an international B2B solutions provider, is pleased to present its Sales team, recently enhanced with the appointment of several prominent industry professionals.

Yevhen Krazhan – Head of Global Sales GR8 Tech

Yevhen Krazhan, an experienced executive with a wealth of background in the telco, IT, and entertainment sectors, leads the team as Head of Global Sales. Yevhen’s diverse skill set, including sales training, facilitation, negotiation, and partner engagement, has fostered strong organizational and business development capabilities. In GR8 Tech, he is responsible for driving revenue growth by developing and implementing effective sales strategies, building and maintaining strong relationships with industry partners and clients.

Joining Yevhen are Kiril Nestorovski as a Sales Director and Steven Paton as a Senior B2B Sales Manager.

Kiril Nestorovski – Sales Director GR8 Tech

Kiril Nestorovski has over 20 years of experience in sales, with a decade in online gaming. Before joining GR8 Tech, he held management positions in sales departments of prominent B2B platform and solution providers, helping drive new sales and business development strategies. At GR8 Tech, Kiril will be responsible for development and execution of complex sales opportunities and leading macro-region sales teams.

Steven Paton – Senior B2B Sales Manager GR8 Tech

Steven Paton brings his unique expertise and industry knowledge to the sales team. With over 18 years in sales, Steve has built his rapport in the gambling industry. Steve effectively built partner and client networks within multiple markets of EU, Asia, Africa, and LatAm and delivered complex solutions for key clients.

Their collective experience enhances GR8 Tech’s sales team capabilities and further solidifies the company’s position as an aspiring leader in the iGaming industry.

Our world-class team is one of our greatest strengths, and the addition of such high-caliber professionals to our sales force will make it even more potent. With Yevhen Krazhan leading such a stellar team of professionals, the results are guaranteed – not only for GR8 Tech as a company but also for our potential customers, for whom excellent service and expertise of the sales department is most often the first point of contact with us,” said Evgen Belousov, GR8 Tech CEO.

Stepping into this role at GR8 Tech is about shaping a vision of lifetime partnership between solutions provider and operators. Our team is poised to redefine what partnership truly means in this space, building lasting, value-driven relationships – a testament to GR8 Tech’s deep commitment to its clients and partners,” commented Yevhen Krazhan, Head of Global Sales at GR8 Tech.

GR8 Tech be present at SBC Barcelona in September 2023

GR8 Tech’s sales team will be present at all major industry events of the year. The closest among them will be SBC Barcelona in September, providing an excellent opportunity for attendees to meet and discuss GR8 Tech’s solutions in more detail. To secure a meeting with them, make sure to book early or visit GR8 Tech’s stand CG414 at the exhibition in Fira Barcelona Montjuïc.

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