Entain CEO: Gambling Industry has an “Unfair” Reputation

By | January 11, 2022
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Entain CEO Jette Nygaard-Anderson says the gambling industry has an “unfair” reputation, and has urged the public to view gambling operators as trusted entertainment providers.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, as reported by City AM, Nygaard-Anderson urged policymakers to avoid implementing gambling rules that are too strict. Too rough rules may, as she explained, lead to gamblers moving into black market, underground operators.

The Entain boss has asked for ministers to strike a healthy balance with the impending new rules, which are expected to be published in a white paper in spring. Issues under consideration include the reduction of minimum wagers and the introduction of affordability checks for users.

Nygaard-Anderson’s concerns come after research from the Betting and Gaming Council last year showed that the number of customers using an unlicensed betting website rose from 210,000 in 2019, to 460,000.

“It is somewhat unfair, the reputation that our industry has,” said Nygaard-Anderson. “It is utterly important for me that our customers understand that we have their safety at heart, and that they see us as a trusted entertainment provider.”

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