ENV Media and KTO Group Announce Joint Venture Agreement

By | April 25, 2023


ENV Media announced its latest strategic partnership with KTO Group, a prominent leader in the Brazilian iGaming industry. Through this joint venture, ENV Media will expand its footprint into the thriving iGaming market of Brazil.

The agreement encompasses a joint venture that allows ENV Media to enhance KTO’s front-end, including optimizing its site architecture, product, and content, as well as improving the user journey with better UX/UI, HTML markups, and redirect logic. ENV Media will take ownership of all marketing activities related to improving KTO’s share of voice in search engines and increasing the acquisition metrics from organic and referral channels.

“This partnership marks yet another milestone for our company. We are now expanding our footprint into Latin America with Brazil as the first market. This agreement allows us to get access to one of the fastest-growing brands in the region, and I hope that we can utilize our internal knowledge and strategies to increase KTO’s organic presence and share of voice in the market,” Mattias Bergehed, CEO of ENV Media, said.

Furthermore, the two parties will strengthen their partnership by launching a new brand called 7jackpots. The brand will be launched on KTO Group’s current platform, utilizing KTO’s leading position in Brazil, and offering a fully localized product tailored for the Brazilian market.

In addition, ENV Media and KTO Group have agreed to use ENV’s own developed front-end that is tailor-made for increasing visibility in search engines and fostering long-term organic growth.

“We are excited to introduce our new front-end aimed at increasing visibility in search engines and fostering long-term organic growth. This stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and our passion for delivering the highest-quality experiences for both our partners and users,” Martin Larsson, CTO at ENV, said.

As a result of this new partnership, ENV Media will need to strengthen its team with local employees. As of last month, ENV Media has been actively looking for skilled, casino-focused content writers, outreach specialists, and other roles to ensure the success of its future projects.

“Since the beginning, we have had an ethos of hiring skilled individuals with an undeniable knowledge of the casino product. Expertise is everything, and with the right people by your side, it’s amazing how much you can achieve. We’ve all agreed on various roles that are necessary for our future success, and we look forward to meeting the right people to help us achieve this,” Shane Hand, COO at ENV Media, said.

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