EPIC Risk Management and Entain Foundation U.S. to Educate Major League Soccer Players Association Members on Risks of Gambling Harm

By | June 30, 2023


Entain Foundation U.S. and EPIC Risk Management announced a three-year partnership with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) to provide gambling awareness educational programs and advisory resources to its members.

EPIC Risk Management and Entain Foundation U.S. are excited to partner with the MLSPA, the exclusive collective bargaining representative for all players in Major League Soccer, to provide customized gambling harm education and awareness programs and advisory resources across a three-year program.

The program will see EPIC deliver gambling harm prevention education and awareness workshops, and provide prevention resources, advisory resources, and content which will be made available to the entire MLSPA membership, all made possible through funding provided by Entain Foundation U.S.

Ben McGregor, director of sports partnerships at EPIC Risk Management, said: “We are looking forward to working with the MLSPA and its membership in delivering this national program to provide crucial education and advice regarding the ever-growing relationship between wagering and professional sports in the US.

“The players, staff and MLS in general have a global reach and will therefore be subject to considerable sports wagering attention around the world. This program is intended to provide MLSPA members with informed understanding to minimize the risk of sporting integrity issues that can arise from gambling activities, as well as utilizing our considerable lived experience from facilitators who have elite sports backgrounds, who can also advise on the effects that gambling-related harm can have on an individual’s performance and welfare.

“This is an important new step in our relationship with the Major Leagues in the US and we’re delighted to extend upon our existing soccer partnerships around the world by working with the MLSPA, leading players and teams from the MLS.”

MLSPA COO Dan Jones said: “This partnership with EPIC Risk Management and Entain Foundation U.S. will enhance our ability to educate and equip our player pool as the presence and inherent risks of sports betting continue to evolve and permeate players’ lives. We look forward to working alongside them to ensure players have access to crucial education, resources and support.”

Entain Foundation U.S., launched in 2019 by the Entain Global Foundation and the Entain Group, sponsors a variety of information and education programs on problem gambling throughout the US. Its trustees include Martin Lycka, Senior Vice President for American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling and Trustee of Entain Foundation U.S.; Bill Pascrell, III, Partner at Princeton Public Affairs Group; and Amani Toomer, former New York Giants wide receiver and Super Bowl Champion.

“Given the significant ongoing rise in the popularity of sports betting throughout the country, the importance of educating athletes and the public at large cannot be overstated. We are glad that the funding provided by Entain Foundation U.S. has helped EPIC, a global leader in the delivery of problem gambling education, to have such a huge impact on one of the highest-risk populations,” said Lycka.

EPIC Risk Management delivers ground-breaking harm minimization programs, independently accredited training, and class-leading advisory to help individuals and organizations across the sports wagering ecosystem to minimize the risks posed by gambling harm.

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