Eukarion Tales 2 Launches Today: AgeofGames’ Hack-and-Slash Classic is Now Available on Steam for only £2.49

By | April 28, 2023
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Today, AgeofGames is proud to announce the official launch of Eukarion Tales 2, their beloved hack-and-slash RPG classic, originally released in 2010 on the studio’s Flash portal. After receiving over 100 million plays on their catalog of games, AgeofGames is on a quest to breathe new life to their old titles, and is excited to reintroduce Eukarion Tales 2 to a new generation of players on Steam for PC right now!

Players can now purchase Eukarion Tales 2 on Steam for the price of £2.49, bringing a nostalgic experience of medieval fantasy gameplay back to their screens as if it were the early 2000s. In this classic game, players must take back their land from the dark forces of Kaos by annihilating their enemies, completing quests, gaining experience, learning new spells and abilities, and equipping themselves with powerful weapons and armor.

This is just the first of a list of fantastic titles being reintroduced: others in the pipeline include King Island, a humorous Hack & Slash Action RPG and Fantasy Kommander: Eukarion Wars, a turn-based, hexmap wargame inspired by European fantasy and medieval tradition!

“The re-release of Eukarion Tales 2 is just the first step of a mighty adventure we are embarking on as a studio. We want to share our old projects with the world, and showcase just how complex old flash titles actually are, ” said Fabio Belsanti, CEO of AgeofGames. “With over 20 years of experience as developers, we want a new generation to rediscover our old games, bring our community back together and eventually  shift gear, releasing whole new experiences for people to get immersed in!”

In Eukarion Tales 2, players can choose between a mighty human knight or a magical elven princess, upgrade their characteristics and abilities on the stats screen, and use the action bar to quickly use special abilities and items during combat. The game is controlled using the mouse, and players can fast-cast spells using their keyboard.

Eukarion Tales 2 is available for purchase on Steam right now for just £2.49!

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