Evoplay Brings the Future of iGaming to GamingTECH CEE Summit

By | August 28, 2023
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HIPTHER Agency and the #hipthers are thrilled to introduce the Main Stage Sponsor of the upcoming GamingTECH CEE Summit taking place in Budapest, on 26-27 September, 2023!

GamingTECH CEE is the rebranded CEEGC, the conference having a 7-year tradition of being the leading iGaming industry event in the Central and Eastern European region during Autumn. This year, the most popular in-person industry gathering in CEE proudly features Evoplay as its Main Stage Sponsor!

Being an industry-leading iGame provider dedicated to innovation, with a mission to go beyond the traditional approach to game development and change the global perception of gambling products, Evoplay’s values and future-first outlook perfectly align with the innovative spirit of Hipther and GamingTECH CEE.

We caught up with Ihor Zarechnyi, Head of Sales at Evoplay, to find out more about the company’s achievements, latest news, and the importance of the Central and Eastern European region for the company.

Hello Ihor, thank you for joining the #hipthers for this interview! Would you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your role at Evoplay?

I serve as the Head of Sales at Evoplay. My role primarily involves managing our company’s sales strategies, forging key partnerships, and expanding our footprint in various markets worldwide.

I’ve always been passionate about the iGaming industry and its dynamism. What I find most exciting about working at Evoplay is the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation in such a fast-paced environment. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries to create unique, engaging gaming experiences that resonate with players across the globe. As the Head of Sales, I’m privileged to lead the charge in bringing these exceptional products to a broader audience.


Evoplay is a well-known iGaming company by now, boasting an incredible portfolio, Awards, and numerous partnerships, but could you give us a summary and more insight about the company and its achievements?

Evoplay is a pioneering force in the iGaming industry, consistently pushing the boundaries of traditional game development to deliver unique, immersive, and memorable experiences to players across the globe. We are proud to be recognised for our innovative approach, as reflected in our robust portfolio, numerous awards, and strategic partnerships.

The company was established in 2017, and in a relatively short space of time, we’ve successfully developed over 200 engaging slots, table, and instant games that are enjoyed by players in multiple jurisdictions. Our gaming content is distinctive, not just because of our immersive graphics and engaging gameplay but also because we’ve introduced groundbreaking technology such as our Spinential system and various exciting mechanics. For instance, we’re known for pioneering the first 3D/VR slot games in the industry and creating award-winning Instant Games.

Our continuous work for innovation has been recognised and celebrated within the industry, leading to us being awarded Innovator of the Year at the EGR and Mobile Gaming Provider of the Year at the Malta Gaming Awards. 


Evoplay launched a major rebranding campaign in 2021. What spurred this decision, and what was the secret of its success – especially amidst the challenging period of the pandemic?

The decision for the rebranding in 2021 was driven by our desire to reflect the immense growth and evolution Evoplay has undergone since our inception in 2017. We had established a strong foothold in the iGaming market, innovated with 3D/VR slots, and won significant industry awards. It felt like the right time to redefine our brand identity to align with our evolved stature and future ambitions.

The rebranding was also an opportunity for us to clarify our mission and values, making it known that we’re not just another gaming company—we’re an innovative entity committed to changing the perception of gambling products and enhancing the player experience.

The pandemic certainly presented its challenges, but it also brought about opportunities. With more people turning to online entertainment, there was a significant potential audience for our products. It was the perfect time to present a new, revitalised brand that stood for innovation, entertainment, and trust.

As for the secret to its success, I believe it was our authenticity and commitment. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that the rebranding wasn’t just cosmetic but truly representative of our ethos and vision.


Evoplay recently published about tapping into the next-gen market with crypto iGaming business. How do you facilitate crypto gambling for your clients and their customers, and how do crypto casinos work with Evoplay?

The rapid rise of cryptocurrency, no doubt, has made significant waves across industries. Especially in iGaming, where things like decentralisation, instant transfers, and security are paramount, cryptocurrency offers compelling advantages. 

The way in which crypto casinos and Evoplay work together is quite straightforward. These crypto-based platforms incorporate our exciting and popular games into their offerings and we saw an impressive 5.3x increase in bets placed via cryptocurrency in the second quarter of 2023 compared to the first one. That alone shows the growing appetite for our innovative products in the crypto gaming space.

In essence, our commitment to pushing boundaries and flexibly responding to market trends makes us an ideal partner for crypto casinos. We’re excited to offer captivating, innovative gaming experiences to players in the crypto space and look forward to the future prospects this brings for our partners and the wider industry.


Looking back to Evoplay’s previous achievements and ongoing breakthroughs, which game titles, moments and partnerships would you consider as key milestones for the company?

In terms of game titles, Dungeon: Immortal Evil and Necromancer are a couple that have created quite a buzz in the industry. They were some of the first games to showcase our prowess in immersive technology and set a new standard for player engagement.

We have joined forces with industry heavyweights such as EveryMatrix, SoftGamings, Relax, and Oryx and this has been monumental for us. These alliances broadened our reach, enabling us to introduce our innovative games to an even wider audience.

But perhaps the most meaningful milestone of all is the growth of our company and the Evoplay team. We started as a small group with a vision, and now we’re a globally recognised name in iGaming, respected for our continuous innovation.


Your social media team recently posted about the most popular characters in slots! Which one do you prefer, and which Evoplay title is your personal favourite?

Each character has its own charm and appeal, and they all play a crucial part in creating the immersive experiences we’re known for. But if I had to pick, I’d probably go with Star Guardians. It’s one of our flagship games, and it’s really a standout because of its unique RPG-inspired gameplay. It’s not just a slot game – it’s an adventure! The game’s choose your own path style mechanics empowers players to select which character they’d like to play as alongside an enticing first-person shooter mechanic and stunning visuals, makes it a truly immersive experience that really showcases what we’re all about at Evoplay.


Taking into consideration Evoplay’s opening to crypto iGaming, and the strategic expansion of Hipther’s Events to technology and the intersection of gambling with blockchain, fintech and web3, we’d say that your Main Stage Sponsorship for GamingTECH CEE is a match made in heaven! What is the message that Evoplay would like to impart to the event’s participants?

Absolutely, it’s indeed a match made in heaven! The core message we at Evoplay want to impart to the participants at the GamingTECH CEE Summit is that the future of iGaming is here, and it’s brimming with opportunities. Our industry is at an incredibly exciting crossroads where innovative technology, such as blockchain, fintech and web3, is opening up new ways to engage and entertain players like never before.

At Evoplay, we’re fully committed to harnessing these cutting-edge technologies to redefine the iGaming experience.

So, be open to change, embrace innovation and join us on this thrilling journey to shape the future of iGaming. Let’s seize these opportunities together and make the iGaming industry even more engaging and inclusive for players across the globe.


Thank you, Ihor for this insightful interview, and thank you, Evoplay for “Bringing the Future of iGaming. Today”!

For more information about the company, and to get in touch with the Future of iGaming, dear readers, Contact Evoplay directly.

We look forward to seeing you in Budapest at GamingTECH CEE for the annual reunion of the best companies and professionals from Gaming and Technology in Central and Eastern Europe!

Speaking of the best in the industry, Evoplay has been Shortlisted in the BEST ONLINE CASINO PROVIDER IN CEE Category of the GamingTECH Awards!


Join the #hipthers in an event that will redefine the future of gaming in the CEE region, and vote for Evoplay in the GamingTECH Awards!

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