Exacta Systems Partners with Interblock to Launch First ETG to be Powered by HHR Technology

By | August 18, 2023


Exacta, a leading innovator in historical horse racing (HHR) gaming solutions, is excited to announce the first-ever electronic table games to be powered by the Exacta Connect HHR system, created in partnership with Interblock.

This revolutionary move makes Interblock’s acclaimed roulette electronic table games (ETG) products the first to incorporate Exacta’s open-source HHR system.

“Exacta’s open-architecture software, unmatched technical expertise and unwavering commitment to customer service will enable us to integrate Exacta Connect with Interblock’s ETGs seamlessly,” the President and Chief Executive Officer for Exacta Systems, Jeremy Stein, said. “This transformation will maintain the award-winning gameplay that has made Interblock’s game library the top choice among casino operators and roulette enthusiasts worldwide.”

“At Interblock, our goal is to build a company synonymous with innovation and leading table game technology,” the Global Chief Executive Officer for Interblock, John Connelly, said. “Our partnership with Exacta creates a unique offering within the HHR sector, taking two innovative companies and combining our best practices to further expand the HHR sector by the end of this year. We are excited to partner with Exacta and to have the ability to deliver this unique gaming experience.”

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