Exclusive Altenar interview: The latest on the Spanish market

By | May 4, 2023
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The Spanish market is one of the most exciting in Europe. With the likes of mobile sports betting on the rise to take on the dominance of retail, we spoke with Alejandro Cazorla, Sales Manager at Altenar, about the current situation in the region and what he thinks players will be drawn to over the next 12 months.


Altenar has really made a name for itself as one of the Spanish market’s fastest growing tier one sportsbook suppliers – can you talk us through your 2022 success and your major partnerships?

It’s truly amazing. We have great trust in our product delivering the desirable content, features and technologies to any given market space. Spain’s landscape is growing increasingly competitive in nature, and we’re finding that our high levels of customisation and a drive to continuously improve our technologies has been key to our 2022 success and hopefully the cornerstone for plenty more achievements to come.

We have partnered with some major players in Spain’s betting market such as Casino Gran Madrid, Jokerbet, and Paston, and from their players and their expertise we’re able to implement the required changes or customisations to better service their sportsbook needs.

What do you believe has been key to making Altenar’s sportsbook standout to prospective Spanish partners? How much do you tailor your tech and UX to suit local players?

We have a truly 360-degree operating system, with the ability to compile reports for a host of needs, as well as extensive must-have content, multiple industry-leading official data providers, and the ability to handle large and increasingly complex data sets from 1000s of bets placed around the world at every minute of the day.

From our growing banks of data, we’re able to better tailor our sportsbook features, content, and backend essentials. Whilst we implement new technologies into our UX, such as widget technology, our operators can ensure brand diversification in a competitive market, making sure they truly standout.

How much do you see Spanish players being unique in terms of betting habits? Is retail still proving to be as popular as it was pre-pandemic?

Over time, we’re seeing a significant increase in Spain into mobile and online betting, as opposed to retail, however at present retail is still the favoured pastime for Spain, so it still remains the dominant channel. I expect mobile and online betting to continue to prove increasingly popular over the next 12 months, so it will be interesting to see where the land lies with this at the start of 2024.

Last but not least, looking at your extensive experience in Spain, what are your predictions for the market in the year ahead? How much do you see the sports betting market evolving and growing?

I predict that we’ll see a lot of change, with more players arriving at the realisation that betting can be a fun form of entertainment.

We will also see global sports events back in full-swing and the start of the new football seasons in August and September will see a sharp rise in bets placed. Finally, as I touched on before, I expect to see a greater adoption of mobile betting which could see increased usage for Spain. Overall, I think the Spanish market is in for an exciting 12 months.

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