FACEIT launches a major update to the platform for South American CS:GO players to help improve their competitive gaming experience

By | November 8, 2022


FACEIT, the leading competitive platform for online multiplayer games, with over 26 million users has today announced a significant update to the platform for South American CS:GO players. The update will include an improved Matchmaking experience with language-based matching, improved translation and a better user interface to allow players to track their rank and Elo rating with ease. In addition, players will have access to the best Anti-Cheat in the market and opportunities to play against the best in the FACEIT Pro League, with a monthly prize pool up for grabs.

FACEIT’s new and improved Matchmaking system underwent several updates following a number of player surveys from the last year and input shared by the players, professional players, content creators and important community figures in the South American region. Based on this feedback, FACEIT has upgraded its Matchmaking queue technology which will now start to match players not only by their skill, but also the language they speak to make sure they are able to communicate with their teammates in their local language.

Players that purchase a premium subscription will now enjoy a new perk of getting a higher chance to be matched with other premium players to ensure higher quality match experience. The new update also brings an improved platform translation in Portuguese-Brazilian, so players can use the website in their native language, and receive localised customer service, ensuring players get accessible help in their first language. Along with a better interface to track your rank, the PLAY dashboard will provide faster access to matches.

FACEIT is also introducing a new Clan feature which includes a 100% free and unlimited lobby system allowing players to easily find other like-minded players to socialise and play FACEIT matchmaking together. Players will be able to group friends easier, and avoid having to play alone. Each clan will have its own local moderation team which will administer the space and ensure a safe, accessible and friendly environment for all clan members. Furia and 00 Nation are two of the organisations already signed up to run their own Clan.

FACEIT’s industry-pioneering anti-cheat technology will also be available for South American players. FACEIT’s best-in-class Anti-Cheat combines state-of-the-art cheat detection, unique analysis and a combination of several behavioural systems that detect and deal with cheating in real time while building a cheat detection library.

Finally, players will be able to win a number of rewards. Through missions, daily ladders and tournament players can win thousands of FACEIT Points which can be used to purchase skins or Steam gift cards. In-game items can also be won through monthly premium missions. In November the fan-favourite Gamma Doppler-Gut Knife will be up for grabs for players who complete the mission and earn over 65,000 FACEIT Points. For players who are keen to develop their skills professionally the FACEIT Pro League will offer a $12,500 (USD) monthly prize pool.

President of Digital Platform at ESL FACEIT Group, Fabio Floris commented: “Our mission is to provide the best competitive gaming experience to CS:GO players globally. South America has a very historical and deep gaming ecosystem and is one of the fast-growing regions in the world. We’re delighted to develop our FACEIT offering for this community and we hope to continue to build on this investment over the coming years.”

Players across South America can follow FACEIT on Twitter and Instagram to find out more about the updates and incentives on offer for the region.

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