FBMDS and Playbonds reinforced their partnership with an exclusive bingo tournament

By | August 9, 2021


FBMDS and Playbonds organized the “Caipira Tournament” – an exclusive video bingo summer competition that aimed to reinforce this partnership and offered benefits to the players. The tournament took place during June and included four weekly duels between a FBMDS bingo and other Playbonds´ video bingo. The results were very positive, leading to an increase of 175% in the coin in and 31% in the number of players, when comparing with the games performance of May.

June is a festive month for the Brazilian people and FBMDS always seeks to adapt its offer and strategy to the profile and culture of the players of each market. Consequently, the brand and Playbonds decided to reinforce the bonds of their partnership and bring a special surprise for the Brazilian players involving their favourite online casino game type: video bingo.

Roberto Regianini, CEO at FBM Digital Systems, clarifies the purpose of the tournament. “This initiative with Playbonds is one more proof of the dedicated work that FBMDS´operation and marketing teams offer to the clients. The commercial relationship between FBMDS and Playbonds is consolidated and this tournament results from a collaboration that brings benefits for FBMDS, Playbonds, and the players, which have their gaming experience optimized”, affirms the FBM Digital Systems representative.

The “Caipira Tournament” marked the June gaming experience of the Playbonds players, who had the opportunity to enjoy the tournament challenges and get bigger prizes, cashback advantages, and miles to use in the online casino. The initiative allowed FBMDS and Playbonds to extract more of their products leading to a global performance improvement, when comparing the May and June data. The FBMDS games involved increased their coin in in 175%, their number of players in 31% and their gross gaming revenue in 24%.

Remember that FBMDS has a long-term partnership with Playbonds, having more than 40 of its online casino games available in this Brazilian online casino. This vast selection includes bingos, slots and table games. Playbonds.com is an online casino operated by the entertainment company Maxxi Media N.V. The company is a member of CIGA – Curaçao Internet Gaming Association and provides a rich games portfolio including spin reel, video bingo, table games and blackjack titles.

After 20 years conquering the landbased universe, FBM decided to take a new step in the online universe. FBMDS is a brand that combines the latest technologies with proven know-how, bringing you an engaging portfolio of online products that also respects the individuality and specific demands of each market, by adapting its offer with regionalized and customized titles.

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