FBMDS launches spooky adventure with Champion Tales Crash-O-Ween

By | October 25, 2023
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Get ready for exciting iGaming news as FBMDS introduces Champion Tales Crash-O-Ween, a hauntingly seasonal version of the fans-favorite crash game Champion Tales. This spooktacular version is set to captivate players worldwide, offering an immersive Halloween-themed gaming experience.

Champion Tales Crash-O-Ween embodies the spirit of the Halloween season, combining the strategic betting rounds that players love with a spine-chilling Halloween atmosphere. By combining innovative technology and FBMDS’ expertise, this game delivers thrilling gameplays and monumental winnings, ensuring high stakes for players and a secure choice for casino operators.


A sure bet for spooky season lovers

In this Halloween edition, players will experience heart-pounding anticipation as the multiplier climbs to ghostly heights, demanding strategic decision-making and a thrilling race to hit the “Collect” button before it’s too late.

FBMDS has finely tuned gameplay mechanics to boost players’ chances of earning substantial rewards, making it a profitable choice for online casino operators. Moreover, Champion Tales Crash-O-Ween boasts a highly gainful RTP rate, surpassing competitors in the market.

But that’s not all! Champion Tales Crash-O-Ween comes loaded with features designed to elevate the Halloween gaming experience:

  • Autoplay: Players can choose how many spooky rounds they want to play without any hassle, making continuous play even more convenient and enjoyable.
  • Auto Cashout: The Auto Cashout feature allows players to choose the value they want to cash out, minimizing any mistakes that could impact their winnings.
  • Detailed Play History: A detailed play history feature ensures that players always remain safe and in control. They can review their past gaming sessions, bets, and outcomes, promoting transparency and responsible gaming practices.

Champion Tales Crash-O-Ween is not just about colossal Halloween wins; it also offers a captivating Halloween-inspired ambiance that immerses players in the scary spirit of the season.

With FBMDS’ dedication to product localization, clients can also have their logos applied to the Halloween-themed game, aiding in branding, and resonating with players in diverse regions. By providing a mobile-friendly, cutting-edge, and highly customizable gaming solution like Champion Tales Crash-O-Ween, FBMDS continues to demonstrate its ability to deliver profitable and satisfying products for casino operators worldwide.

Prepare for a Halloween gaming adventure like no other with Champion Tales Crash-O-Ween – where spooky thrills and big wins await!

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