FlashPicks Builds on Record United States User Numbers with Breakthrough App Update

By | January 22, 2024


The betting tips and free picks app generated over 31,000 bets and 195,000 screen views in December of 2023 and now features significant improvements to its proprietary SmartPicks betting tool

FlashPicks, the flagship North American brand for Checkd Group, has posted record user numbers with over 31,000 bets and 195,000 screen views in December of 2023. The FlashPicks app has averaged around 60,000 user sessions per month since its launch in March of 2023.

Building on this momentum, FlashPicks has released a significant update to its app with an overhauled user interface and innovative live bet tracking capabilities via its SmartPicks betting tool.

Developed in-house, FlashPicks is Checkd Group’s flagship United States brand and its first venture outside of the United Kingdom. Designed for North America by a team of expert technologists native to the sports betting field, FlashPicks offers free picks and betting tips across a range of United States sports and sign-up deals with operators such as FanDuel Sportsbook, BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook and Bet365.

The app update sees substantial upgrades to the free SmartPicks betting tool, based on Checkd’s proprietary Smart Acca technology. SmartPicks helps bettors make informed betting decisions quickly and more effectively via the latest stats and data for NFL and NBA.

The easy-to-use tool now features a highly innovative Player Prop Tracker, which gives users the ability to track their over/under bets within the app in more detail than ever before.

SmartPicks also achieved record numbers in December of 2023 with over 11,000 searches recorded within the tool.

“We’re thrilled to roll out the latest iteration of FlashPicks, which will further fortify its reputation as the ultimate betting companion for discerning recreational sports fans in North America,” the Head of United States Operations for Checkd Group, Callum Broxton, said. “We’re delighted to have seen out 2023 with record bets and users and feel confident that our positive trajectory will continue with the highly capable Checkd Dev team fueling our innovation and growth.”

“The SmartPicks tool, which helps our users cut through the noise and build their bets with the latest stats and data, is now easier to use than ever,” the Managing Director for Checkd Dev, Adam Patton, said. “The Player Prop Tracker is a unique live betting tool that makes FlashPicks more engaging while saving bettors time and effort.”

FlashPicks initially launched in North America in January of 2022 before releasing its app in May of 2023. In its first nine months, the FlashPicks app has garnered nearly 600,000 user sessions and has continually improved its consumer offering with the addition of NBA Prop Cheat Sheets, Picks Tournaments and an influencer support strategy.

High-profile influencers including Alex Caruso, Matty Chucks and Austin’s Props have played a significant role in increasing acquisition, engagement and retention for the brand.

SmartPicks, based on Checkd’s revolutionary SmartAcca technology and powered by data from Stats Perform, takes all the latest statistics and data and ranks bets based on their historical performance. The completely free tool allows bettors to quickly and effectively make more informed decisions.

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