Flexion Signs Agreement with Chinese Developer iQIYI

By | November 13, 2023
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Flexion, the games marketing company, has signed an agreement with Special Gamez, the mobile gaming publishing division of iQIYI, an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, to publish the developer’s worldwide hit game Wolf Game: Wild Animal Wars on the alternative app stores. Flexion will distribute the game on the Amazon Appstore, Aptoide, ONE store, Samsung Galaxy Store, DT Hub, Huawei’s AppGallery and Xiaomi GetApps in Q4 2023.

Wolf Game: Wild Animal Wars earns over $2M in net revenue combined on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Flexion’s distribution services will add revenue and new players from the alternative app stores through monetisation, platform relations and new user acquisition. For Special Gamez, the partnership with Flexion represents an opportunity to improve its brand and product recognition while reaching new users outside its existing distribution channels.

“Smart developers like Special Gamez are driving increased revenue and wider audiences thanks to the alternative app stores. Flexion is adding an average of 10% to a game’s Google Play revenue by taking it to the alternative app stores. We have more than 100 people with expertise and experience, and technology in growing revenue and audiences on the alternative app stores. No one else can offer this,” Jens Lauritzson, CEO of Flexion, said.

Wolf Game: Wild Animal Wars is a simulation game that challenges players to team up with people from all over the world to fight with other wolf packs – to survive, explore, hunt, challenge, and revenge. The ultimate goal for players is to be the Alpha of their packs and lead their wolves to defend the den and rise to the top of the food chain in the wild.

“The alternative app stores are now an essential part of our marketing activities to grow revenue and audiences for Wolf Game: Wild Animal Wars. Meanwhile, it provides enhanced accessibility for users, allowing them to seamlessly download and enjoy our game through a broader array of app stores. The Flexion team are unique positioned to maximise our results on the alternative platforms and we can’t wait to get started,” Tom Lee, CEO of SpecialGamez, said.

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