Future Anthem unveils major upgrade to Amplifier AI Optimise module

By | May 30, 2024
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Future Anthem – the AI and data science powerhouse has announced a major new upgrade to its all-in-one personalisation product Amplifier AI. The upgrade boasts enhanced features and functionality for the popular Optimise module which shows never-seen-before views of player and game behaviours.

Utilised by leading studios and operators, including Blueprint Gaming, Big Time Gaming and RAW, Amplifier AI’s Optimise module is used to analyse performance and player behaviours across game portfolios, brands and markets.

With quick views and a simple-to-use interface, Optimise analyses millions of anonymised bets to enable product and commercial teams to clearly identify the player behaviours driving gaming activity, measurably increasing player engagement by empowering data-driven decisions.

The latest improvements to Optimise include powerful player clusters that utilise AI to analyse how different players play games. This allows customers to make behavioural comparisons across games, regions and brands, driving key decisions for promotions, positioning and design.

Additional upgrades allow customers to index game launches, comparing and benchmarking early activity against prior releases, track performance using granular gameplay views, and access capabilities that identify growth opportunities including game retention and opportunity games.

Upcoming upgrades will include bringing elements of Amplifier AI’s recommendation system into the Optimise module, including anomaly detection, and further enhancements to game launch optimisation.

Discussing the impact of these enhancements, Chris Conroy, Chief Data & Product Officer at Future Anthem, said: “Significant financial investment, time and team effort has gone into enhancing Optimise to ensure it continually offers a best-in-class AI-driven experience for suppliers and operators.

“These improvements to Optimise build on its capabilities to empower our customers to build better products by utilising data to personalise every step of the player journey. Furthermore, this module will only continue to become more impactful as we refine and improve it in the months to come.  Its quick to launch and easy-to-use, a great demonstration of the power of great technologies applied to granular game data.”

Optimise is already a powerful tool for some of the industry’s most innovative companies, as noted by Tom Wood, CEO, RAW — “My daily routine starts with Amplifier AI’s Optimise module — deeply understanding our game performance and player behaviours. The RAW team lives and breathes the behavioural analytics, it underpins our game roadmaps and customer launches.”

Built to personalise the player experience, Amplifier AI humanises anonymised transactional data with machine learning to enable real-time personalisation.

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