Gaming and Gambling Regulation in Canada – Outlook for 2023

By | January 11, 2023

Online gambling has been gaining considerable popularity in Canada in the past few years. Many factors contribute to this trend, which include technological advancements, relaxations in government regulations, and growing attraction in youngsters who are looking for new ways to make money aside from a primary and stable income.

According to reports, video games grew at a rate of around 9.51% in 2022 and touched a 2.8 billion USD figure. The industry is expected to grow to reach 3.53 billion USD in 2023. Additionally, revenue from the industry is expected to show a growth rate of 6.54% every year to touch 4.55 billion USD by 2027. These numbers clearly show the positive outlook of the gaming and gambling industry in Canada.

Gambling in Ontario, Canada

In April last year, Ontario opened a new path for gambling businesses and sportsbook managers to launch their virtual casinos. The government amended the legislation so that businesses could apply for casino licenses and begin operations. Today, this license is offered by the Liquor and Gaming Commission. It’s because of this facility that sports betting lovers are able to engage in online gambling and make money while having fun at top sports betting platforms today.

Before Ontario’s historical decision, gambling was extremely regulated and bound tightly under stringent standards in Canada. The only way for gambling companies to operate in Canada was to have their license issued in a particular province where they wanted to conduct business. This tied them to a single province and restricted their overall portfolio and profits.

Gambling in the rest of Canada

All Canadian states except for Alberta have different legislations that they follow. Only Alberta allows foreign gambling companies and third-party gambling companies to run their businesses in the state. That’s why you get to play poker, roulette, and other popular casino games on platforms such as Play Alberta.

In states other than Alberta, gambling is operational but these activities are run and managed by government agencies only. Even then, the norms and regulations are quite strict and gambling companies don’t enjoy adequate freedom in running their business operations. In fact, it was only recently when Bill C-128 was passed after which online casino and sports betting fans received the option to place single-event bets. Before this bill was passed, only parley bets were allowed on multiple events. So, even if players knew how to take their online betting to the next level, their hands were tied.

Gaming and virtual gambling growth

In the big picture, a positive trend in iGaming and gambling industry can be easily observed because of the following factors:

  • Technological advancements: Mobile technology is becoming more powerful each year and mobile users are also increasing at a steady rate. Since more people play casino games and other conventional games on mobile than desktops, the iGaming and gambling industry is booming.
  • Convenience: Online gambling is super convenient. You don’t have to go to a certain place or need lots of money to partake in online gambling which is why it’s convenient for everyone.
  • Deals and promotions: Many online gambling platforms offer attractive bonuses and virtual money to attract players. When new players open accounts, they instantly get bonuses, free spins, and points, etc. These perks serve to boost the gaming industry overall.

2023 Outlook

The gambling and gaming outlook in Canada in 2023 can be assessed by looking at what’s happening in other countries. Even in countries where there are strict laws for gambling- such as India and the US- the governments are slowly easing up the regulations to promote online casinos and sportsbook platforms. We can see many existing online gambling platforms venturing into these markets, and new players entering the industry through these new territories.

Canada is already making it easier for online casino companies to run their business in the country and it will only promote it further in 2023. There are many reasons for it to do so. For starters, making online gambling and betting legal will curb illegal overseas gambling that only serves to hit the government’s tax collections. Additionally, it will also boost the economy as more third-party companies will start new operations in the country to generate more employment. It’s because of these reasons that experts believe the gambling revenue will increase by 30% to 40% by the end of the year.


Canada was once known as one of the strictest countries in gambling governance. However, this image is changing today and as the government is relaxing its regulations, more companies are setting up their businesses in the country. Hence, the general consensus today is that iGaming and gambling industry will continue to grow here in 2023 and many years to come

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