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Edgegap, a Montreal based video game technology startup, announces a $7 million series A investment led by Konvoy Ventures. The funding will enable the company to continue developing its infrastructure platform, built to reduce online gaming latency and automate infrastructure needs across the industry.

Edgegap’s platform leverages edge computing, essentially moving data centers closer to players to tackle lag and improve online experiences. Combined with a proprietary user-server decision-making engine, it empowers developers to launch new game servers and applications closer to players within seconds.

Since its seed investment of $1 million in 2019, Edgegap has tested its technology with two triple A studios, improving latency for 91 per cent of the players involved. On average, round-trip time (the time taken for information to reach its destination and return) was reduced by 46.5 per cent per player and for a quarter of players this dropped to below 50 milliseconds.

“Our goal is to build on the idea of a content delivery network, which already exists for cloud applications. In that sense, Edgegap is building a modern application delivery network, combining a highly distributed infrastructure footprint with a quick decision-making and deployment solution,” said Edgegap CEO, Mathieu Duperre. “We see this as a major paradigm shift for developers looking to distribute their applications worldwide.”

Joining Konvoy Ventures in this funding round is San Francisco-based early-stage venture capital fund GFR Fund, following their investment from the previous seed round. Multinational converged broadband, video and mobile communications company, Liberty Global  and Akamai, leader in powering and protecting digital experiences, have also invested, bringing their expertise in massive scale infrastructure.

With this latest investment, Edgegap will expand its team to build additional services for game studios and beyond. Its aim is to continue helping developers create better real-time applications through leveraging a premium infrastructure, without the cost and the hassle of managing it.

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