German Football Association expands integrity programme with Genius Sports including leading intelligence system

By | June 22, 2023
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The German Football Association (“DFB”) has expanded its integrity cooperation with Genius Sports Limited (“Genius Sports”) to combat the threats of match-fixing and betting-related corruption.

Since 2019, Genius Sports has provided the DFB with its cutting-edge Bet Monitoring System, analysing global odds movements from over 7,500 games a year with predictive algorithms to automatically flag potentially suspicious betting activity. The DFB will continue to receive 24/7 monitoring and analysis across all levels of German football.

Now, DFB have strengthened their protection against betting-related corruption by utilising Genius Sports’ robust Intelligence platform, provided in partnership with Clue. DFB will be able to recognise patterns faster and increase visibility of threats to players, match officials and, coaches identifying participants who have been involved in suspicious matches and underlying trends in betting-related corruption. Genius Sports will provide the DFB with global intelligence and transparency to better understand the risks across their competitions.

The Genius Sports Intelligence system will provide the DFB with a centralised vault of all integrity reports, supporting investigations and allowing the partnership to be proactive in the analysis and identification of potential risk areas.

“To protect competition integrity in football, it is important for us to work with professional service providers”, said Eva Immerheiser, Integrity Officer at the DFB. “In the continuation of the cooperation with Genius as well as the intelligence upgrade with Clue, we see the opportunity to detect possible illicit patterns faster and to be able to intervene at an early stage. We look forward to working with Genius on a new level.”

“Protecting our contract partners and world sport from match-fixing and betting-related corruption requires constant vigilance and product enhancements,” said Simon Martyn, Director of Rights Enforcement & Integrity at Genius Sports. “By expanding our cooperation with the DFB, we will provide rich intelligence, analysis and visibility to help protect one of the largest and most prestigious football associations in the world.”

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