Gibraltar Gambling Commission Attends International Olympic Committee and UEFA Workshop

By | April 25, 2024
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A representative from the Gibraltar Gambling Division, who specialises in sports integrity matters, has attended a high- level workshop hosted jointly by the International Olympic Committee and UEFA at Olympic House in Lausanne Switzerland. The cost of the trip was funded by the international sports governing bodies.

With both the Olympics and the Euros being held later this year, the meeting was an opportunity for all stakeholders, including gambling regulators in a number of jurisdictions (including Gibraltar) to discuss a coordinated strategy to identify suspicious betting activity and to prevent match (competition) fixing on a proactive basis.

In 22/23, the Gambling Division received 42 betting integrity reports from gambling operators, 13 requests for assistance from the Olympic movement Unit of the Prevention of Manipulation of Sports competitions and was involved with a large number of disseminations to domestic and international sports governing bodies (including FIFA and UEFA); as well as engagement with law enforcement authorities.

Last month, the GFA hosted a UEFA Seminar on match fixing in Gibraltar which was also attended by representatives from the Gambling Division.

Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner Andrew Lyman said: “Sports integrity work and liaising with stakeholders on match fixing is an important, but often unseen part of our work. Operators are obliged to report suspicious activity in this area and the Gambling Division applies its expertise to enhance intelligence and support the lawful flow of information to the appropriate authorities, including sports governing bodies, for further investigation.

“The manipulation of sports competition by spot fixing or match fixing undermines the very essence of fair and unpredictable sporting outcomes. The forthcoming Gambling Bill will introduce a criminal offence of cheating at gambling which will serve to further deter such activity.”

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